3 Great Decorating Ideas for Your Photos

Have a wonderful nature photo from your vacation, a selfie emotional memory. It’s a shame those photos get forgotten on your phone or anywhere else. A modern way to decoratively showcase your favorite photographed subject is needed! You can design beautiful home accessories with the photos you take. You can think of these as a gift idea. Here we give you three creative and quick tips on using it for the unique decoration of your own four walls.

Photos on The Curtain Rope

Hanging curtains today no longer requires a curtain rod or track system. Many have long used wire ropes, which are now available for little money in stores. These curtain ropes can be turned into a photo display. Especially if you want to put a small photo series or several pictures in the center.

Simply buy a curtain rope and the correct number of wall brackets. Attach according to the instructions and attach your favorite photos to the cord with small clips. A long curtain string can be shortened to different lengths. Thus, several modern photo displays can be realized without any problems. If you do not tension the ropes too tight, you will also create an upbeat dynamic. Another advantage is that you don’t need to make a significant effort to change the photos according to the weather or the season.

Photos on Wood

If you are not afraid of the effort, you can create a great individual accessory with photos on wooden boards. The process itself is actually simple, but it takes a little more time and supplements:

Print out a photo of the desired size. Coat generously with a transfer medium with a sponge brush. Then brush or press on untreated or lacquered wood – possibly with the help of a small paint roller – evenly and without air bubbles. The photo then has to dry on the wooden surface overnight. The next day you use a moistened cloth to remove the paper, and the print remains on the wood.

With this creative solution for decorating your photos, you should consider a few things. If necessary, you should turn the photo mirror-inverted before printing to be the right way around on the wood.

Photo Coaster in Polaroid Look

Decorating wall clocks or tiles with your photos is another way of decorating your own home with your snapshots and pictures. The tile tiles do not even have to be limited to being used as coasters. Suppose you are currently tiling a tile mirror behind the stove or renovating the bathroom. In that case, you can create super individual motifs here if you provide smaller or larger tiles with your own photo motifs in advance.

As a coaster in Polaroid optics, the format of the photos may have to be adjusted: to 8 to 9 cm x 8 – 9 cm for smaller tiles – white, for the successful Polaroid effect. At 14 cm (W) x 11.5 cm (H) for larger ones. Transfer means (Mod Podge) is also used here.

This is used to coat the back of the photos on photo paper or developed. Then the picture is carefully placed on the top two-thirds of the tile with the same distance to the right and left edges and pressed. Then the photo is left to dry for about half an hour. Then the entire tile was coated with the transfer medium and left to dry for another hour. Then sprayed with acrylic spray and left to dry for 24 hours. If the Polaroid tiles are used as coasters for hot drinks, they must be sealed with gloss varnish.

Comfortable, Professional, and Creative

You don’t have the time and a creative hand, or you don’t want to work. But if you still wish to modern photo decoration, you can turn to professionals. You can print personal photos and images on decorative accessories and get back a professionally crafted, custom home accessory. From storage boxes to slates to wall clocks, you can design your home with photos you’ve taken and favorite designs – and give meaning to the memories that come with them.

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