3 Designer Flower Vases as Real Eye-Catchers

Spring is approaching with great strides. And that means that it will soon bloom and sprout again in all shapes and colors in the gardens and on the meadows. After the dreary gray of winter, there is nothing better than bringing the blaze of colors of spring into your home and letting the regained freshness and happiness move in.

So that the harbingers of spring come into their own, all you need is the appropriate container. It can be something unusual for an extra highlight on the sideboard, as a centerpiece on the table, or a noble eye-catcher on the bedside table in the bedroom. This little guide suggests selected designer flower vases that add a touch of extravagant class and style to every home.

Alessi Crevasse Blumenvase

Family-owned since it was founded in 1921, the Alessi design workshop in Italy is one of the top addresses for sophisticated and appealing design and quality. Nowadays, Alessi has made it her business to transfer her knowledge of culture, aesthetics, execution, and functionality into her product design and manufacture of designer goods. In their opinion, a designer object, such as the Crevasse flower vase, stands out from the balance between art and craft. This is how high-quality and appealing products are created, which – at least one hopes at Alessi – bring poetry and art into everyone’s life. Because a real design masterpiece, the corporate philosophy, has to move people, convey emotions, awaken memories, surprise and go against the current.

Tivoli Balloon Vase by Normann Copenhagen

At least since the hygge trend, no one can ignore the Scandinavian attitude to life. The Scandinavians have always shaped a style characterized by a high degree of functionality, simple shapes, and a healthy minimalism dose. This definition also hits the bull’s eye with this unusual designer glass vase from Normann Copenhagen. The hand-blown glass vase with the three bellies knows how to attract attention with its curves – the subtle blue tone does the rest. Normann Copenhagen understands original, innovative products with a modern and simple design, which ideally should stand the test of time. The Danish designers want to break down conventional thought structures and make the ordinary unusual through great design.

Philippi Bouquet Blumenvase

This extraordinary designer bouquet vase is a real gem that should definitely be assigned a central place in the living room, dining room, or hallway. Because everything else would simply not do justice to the designer flower vase from the Hamburg design manufacturer Philippi. The team’s Hamburg soul runs like a red thread through the designs and culminates not only in this unusual flower vase with Hanseatic straight lines, which is not lacking in momentum and dynamism. On the contrary, these two apparently contradicting concepts even seem to merge into a perfect unit in this chic vase. Due to the inclined elements, you can simulate a meadow of flowers whipped by the wind when decorating with flowers, or you can achieve a tidy, minimalist aesthetic with individual, long-stemmed flowers.

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