3 Inspiring Industrial Design Hotels

Hotels stand for vacation and relaxation. Wherever luxurious equipment meets comfortable interiors, a pleasant time is inevitable. In addition to immersing yourself in foreign cultures and exotic landscapes, it is precisely the hotel designs that offer a great source of inspiration for furnishing your own four walls. The equipment and furnishing styles range from eclectic to daring and offer the best visual starting point to learn something for your own design projects.

General Tips for A More Hotel Atmosphere at Home

Not everyone can afford to live in a hotel. But with a few tips and tricks, everyone can give their home a certain touch of a design hotel, with which the hotel lifestyle can find its way into everyday life.

Make and Arrange the Bed

The bed in the hotel is the best in the whole room. A good mattress is the be-all and end-all – not only for comfort but also for healthy sleep – and should also be an elementary part of the furnishings in your own bedroom.

More tips for sleeping just like in a hotel: high-quality duvet covers, lots of pillows, and throws. If you look closely, you will find that hotels usually have beds in pure white. It gives a feeling of cleanliness, is a timeless color, and fits seamlessly into any furnishing style. This can then be followed by layers of pillows, throw pillows, bedspreads, and throws designed in different nuances of the same basic tone. That is the secret of a luxurious and calming feeling of space.

The Room Lighting

In a hotel, from the room to the dining room, from the spa area to the hotel bar, it’s always about creating atmosphere. It is she who whets the appetite for chic dinners and relaxed nights.

The lighting is the central element here for happiness. It should fully fulfill its function of creating atmosphere: Hotel lighting is soft, atmospheric, and romantic. To recreate the home, you need lamps and light sources at different heights. That means not just a central light source from above but also wall lamps, table lamps, and floor lamps. Dimmable lamps are best for this because they adapt. LED lamps also scatter the light very well.

The Color Spectrum

A relaxing color palette is key to a restful ambiance. Ideally, you should opt for a neutral to rather a dark spectrum. Neutral nuances create a soft, elegant atmosphere.

If you want a little more color, green and blue shades are just as suitable as more neutral sand and stone shades. They convey a feeling of calm and serenity. However, in the bedroom, you should avoid colors that stimulate and cause disquiet, such as yellow, orange, and red. These should be found in “common rooms” such as the kitchen, living room, or hobby room.

Free-Standing, Unique Furniture

Freestanding furniture will always have a better boutique hotel feel than it does on walls and in niches. They are well suited to making the best possible use of the given space. But it quickly gets boring.

If you have the opportunity, you should arrange furniture pieces that go well together but do not come from the glittering collection. Slight deviations in shape and color ensure that a certain individuality is found. That looks more elegant. The idea is something like this: to have two identical bedside cabinets, while the wardrobe should have a similar design style but not be identical to the bedside tables. This can also be implemented for the dining area and the living room or the terrace.

This part could get a little tricky. But anyone who is oriented towards professional catering equipment and ensures that all pieces of furniture have a connecting element – for example, all are made of the same material, have a similar shape, or come from the same era – can find successful inspiration for the hotel furnishings get your own home design.

Inspiring Lounges and Bars in Design Hotels

  • The Silo Hotel in South Africa knows how to combine eclectic styles into a harmonious whole. A look into the rooms, the bar, and the dining room offers pure industrial inspiration.
  • The SiR Hotel is located in North Amsterdam, with a skillfully styled dynamic in the lounge and dining room.
  • The hotel’s own cinema to the covered breakfast area and the bar: the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn skilfully conveys a historic industrial loft atmosphere, as the pictures show.
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