3 Surprising Tips to Make Housework Easier

Not many people like to do housework. It can be boring and tiring for some of us. That’s why tips that make housework easier are invaluable. Fortunately, there are ways and means to make everyday household chores a little easier – you just have to find the right inspiration. The tips below get you started.

1. Ice Cubes Against Creases

No matter whether home textiles that need a little freshening up, clothes that have been folded up in the closet for a long time, or freshly washed items that normally find their way into the ironing: Two to three pieces of textile are opened together with two or three ice cubes Put in the dryer for 10 minutes at the highest temperature level, annoying ironing will soon be a thing of the past.

The ice cubes melt in the dryer and turn into water vapor, which smooths the fabric’s creases. This trick is not quite effective with heavy, thick fabrics, but ice cubes in the dryer work wonder with lighter fabrics.

2. Remove Broken Pieces Safely

It is unavoidable that something breaks in the household from time to time. At some point, a glass falls from the table, a bottle breaks, or a coffee cup breaks. While the large pieces of broken glass can still be gathered together fairly safely, the small splinters have made so many fingers and feet bleed because they are tough to grasp. Now you can, of course, go to work with the hand brush. Or with the house vacuum cleaner.

But you can also just use a piece of bread. To do this, simply drizzle the bread slice with a little water so that it becomes moist. Then press on the floor where the rest of the glass splinters are. They are enclosed in the bread, get caught in it, and be removed from the floor without any problems or risks. Above all, you are more likely to catch microscopic splinters that you can barely see with the naked eye when you sweep them up.

3. Clean the Mirror so That It Is Free of Streaks and Protect It from Condensation

Everyone knows glass cleaners. Almost everyone uses glass cleaners – to clean shiny surfaces, glasses, windows, or bathroom mirrors. There is, however, a convenient household item that not only cleans mirror surfaces more sustainably but also reduces streaks – and hardly anything can be more nerve-wracking when cleaning windows than polishing away streaks and water stains that reappear immediately afterward or from a different angle any way you can see. This magic remedy is called: shaving foam.

To do this, cover the entire mirror with shaving foam, leave it on for a few minutes and then remove the foam with a paper towel or cleaning rag. This household tip ensures that marks and streaks disappear and that the mirror no longer steams up while showering. And: Shaving foam also works on other glass surfaces.

That Little Bit of Household …

… then it still doesn’t work itself out, but it’s a little easier. Sometimes you just need one or two smart tips from a versatile household guide. Don’t have a sponge at hand? A halved grapefruit sprinkled with salt gets lime stains under control just as well. And after frying, adding a couple of citrus peels to a saucepan of boiling water will make the kitchen smoother.

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