35 Inspirational Tips for Personal Decor

Your home is your base. From here, your everyday life has its starting point, and here you must be able to be yourself – completely for yourself or with your loved ones. And your base should reflect your personality. And whether you have complete control over what expression your home should have or whether the interior design is a city in the country for you, you need inspiration.

We have collected 35 inspiring pictures and tips for you looking for good ideas for your interior design.

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1. Surround yourself with pastel colors in the home

Pastels are a hit in homes. The light tones and delicate colors fit perfectly with a sofa that also has a light expression. The Combine fabric sofa from Prostoria is simple and elegant and fits perfectly into your home if you want lots of air in the decor. Round off with a rug in a darker shade to frame “room in the room,” such as the sofa area in your living room.

2. Industrial decor in a warm look

Endüstriyel zeminler cesurdur ve dekora bir avantaj sağlar. Halılar ve ahşap mobilyalar, havalı görünebilen endüstriyel görünüme sıcaklık sağlar. Örneğin, aynı zamanda kontrast oluşturan ve ham dekoru tamamlayan Zuiver’den Pinnacle sessiz sunucusu gibi.

3. Wood in all shapes, types, and colors

Have you jumped on the wooden cart? Wood is a big hit in home decor – and this applies to wood in all shapes, types, and colors. It is an ingenious way to get a little nature into the home. Choose a piece of furniture in untreated wood so that you can really enjoy the raw structure of the wood. Ethnicraft Wave Oak – the TV table in untreated oak is solid, raw, and beautiful.

4. Retro vibe with futurism

Are you into retro or modern decor? Why not a combination? The retro ’70 ceiling lamp from Zuiver is an eminent example of how to combine retro atmosphere with futuristic ‘coolness.’ The lamp’s spherical shape is like it taken out of a 70’s home. In contrast, the lamp’s shiny surface gives a modern look that the whole room can be reflected in.

5. The family-friendly sofa

With the Coast Deluxe sofa, one of our popular sofas, you can experience a suitable soda for many families. As it is both stylish at the same time as it is practical in its applications. The storage function can be purchased in its chaise longues and open-end modules, and the pull-out function can be purchased on some of the center seat modules.

6. As a piece of art in itself

The beautiful teak wood and dark metal really stand out in this Oscar Teak bookcase from Ethnicraft. It makes the furniture a little piece of art in itself. It’s simple, timeless, and just delicious. It is then practiced both as a shelf for the living room or as office furniture, as shown in the picture.

7. More colors in the home need not only be on the wall

Who says you have to paint whole walls to get some color into the home? Assemble your furniture of elements in several colors. You can choose from several colors on this Glam side table, which is seen here in color Blue – and you can combine them as you like.

8. Show off your bed in a beautiful design

Do not cover your bed with ugly bedspreads. Instead, choose a bed in a beautiful design that can stand as it is. For example, this Ethnicraft Spindle Oak – bed frame is available in 2 sizes depending on how wide you want the bed.

9. Use contrasts in the decor to create life in the home

Create a life in your home by decorating with furniture in contrasting colors that contrast to the rest of the decor or walls. The Quo metal bar stool with a * Soft touch * from Tonon does the job! The chair’s design is simple, so you can let the design be what gives the attention. Choose a solid-colored bar stool in 15 colors.

10. The armchair as a statement piece

An armchair is not necessarily just an extra seat in your sofa area. It can also be a statement piece. Choose a chair that differs from your sofa’s design, preferably in a different color than your sofa. The Houda armchair from Dutchbone is an excellent example of an armchair that stands out and, at the same time, is super comfortable to sit in.

11. Light sources must also look good

The lights in your home are visible at all times, so you should choose light sources that look good even when they are off. Check out Dek 51 ceiling lamp from Zuiver, a combination of thick, rough leather and metal. The bulb is protected by a grease grille that gives the lamp an industrial look. It’s a cool way to add a little wildness to a romantic decor – or make an already industrial look even cooler.

12. Simple and cool expression in two shades

If you choose your living room furniture – sofa, armchair, pillows, rugs – in two contrasting colors or shades, you get a simple and cool expression. Then you have a color theme that is repeated in the decor of the room. The High-End sofa from Indomo is put together with puffs and pillows that match the picture’s two colors and texture.

13. Solid and delicious wood

Wood never goes out of style! So if you want to use wood in the decor, then choose furniture that can last to be used for many years. Frame PC Teak – the console table from Ethnicraft is solid and, at the same time, super nice to look at.

14. Extra dimension in the room with a mirror

A mirror gives the room an extra dimension and actually makes it seem larger. And a large mirror with a bold metal frame is just beautiful! Check out the Vintage Window mirror from Dutchbone.

15. Paint a bold color for a wall

Paint one wall in a bold color. It provides a super bold contrast and gives the room plenty of depth. The wall will form a bold backdrop for your favorite furniture or base for an entire gallery wall. The deep green color here forms a fantastic background for the Timeout armchair from Conform.

16. Combine several colors and materials together

Dark walls and floors can be mixed with furniture in golden colors if the decor does not seem too cool. The Boss side table is perfect if you want to combine several colors and materials in one piece of furniture. The side table is made of several materials such as marble and brass and can be put together with decorative things.

17. Let your rug be a work of art on the floor

A carpet is both good when your feet need to be warmed up, and when you want to mark “room in the room.” Or when you think art is not just something to hang on the wall. Lay the delicious Nanok rug under the coffee table, dining table, or in the middle of the room if you like.

18. Create interaction between wall and furniture

Decorate yourself in a cozy style, where you paint walls to create an atmosphere between the wall color and the furniture. Create beautiful contrasts between the wall color and your furniture by choosing furniture that provides a light wall contrast. Sigge fabric sofa is available in many fabric colors that can fit your home.

19. Save the superfluous things away

Keep it simple! There are furniture and areas in your home that can easily get cluttered, such as your TV table, which should safely act as a relief space for remote controls, wires, game consoles, etc. Choose a simple and functional TV piece of furniture where you can easily hide the road’s clutter to maintain a sleek and tidy look. Nordic Oak – the TV table from Ethnicraft has a calm and natural look that fits most homes. And you get plenty of good storage space in the wide drawers as well as the cavity under the table.

20. Golden brown color in the home

Black leather is a classic choice. But why not choose leather in a golden brown color like on the Sorano leather sofa from Kelvin Giormani? It gives a warmer expression that can easily be combined with white and black to bold, variegated colors. For example, place a white rug under your sofa area for an exclusive look.

21. Show your things on a bookshelf

Your beautiful ornaments, books, posters, etc., must be displayed properly. Choose a bookcase where they really come into their own – preferably a flexible bookcase system where you can put together shelves and elements as you like. You can do this with the Iron Shelf bookcase from Dutchbone. The shelf’s “skeleton” is built of iron, while the shelves are created in the most delicious teak wood.

22. Assemble several tables together

Living room tables are composed of several small tables with big hits. It is a great way to get little different colors and shapes into the home. At the same time, it is practical, as you get a more flexible sofa area when you can easily move around the tables depending on where people are sitting and how many of you are. You get a wealth of choices and combinations with the popular Urban Circle coffee tables from Wood by Kristensen, available in several sizes, colors, and materials.

23. Create tranquility in your bedroom with a minimalist style

You just sleep better in a bedroom that is clean and tidy. Do not fill your bedroom with large, heavy furniture – and do not allow yourself to clutter it with too many “relief stations” in the form of chairs, dressers, etc. Madra Eg – the bed frame from Ethnicraft is simple, natural, and a delight to the eye, which will look gorgeous in most bedrooms.

24. Easy way to get new muted colors into the home

Pillows are not just great when it comes to screwing up the coziness, and you really need to sit well on your sofa or armchair. They are also ingenious when you need to bring some new but muted colors or patterns into the home. The Padrao pillow, which you can see in the Boshop Collection picture, has both structures, muted colors, and patterns that will adorn any decor.

25. Decorate yourself with the rustic style

Should it be more authentic than just a white coffee table? Then choose the Tuareg coffee table from SMOKESTACK instead. A coffee table with raw planks gives the room lots of life and structure. It works, i.a. super good if you want a personal and raw look, just as it also creates a bold contrast to the romantic decor. The coffee table is available in several sizes, so you can just choose your favorite!

26. Mirrors with shapes and bold frames

All mirrors are delicious to look at. But they must also be delicious to look at. A mirror is much more than a mirror. Mirrors add depth to space and can also act as art. So do not choose the boring solution and look instead for mirrors with cool frames and shapes, such as the Round Wall mirror from Zuiver. The mirror has a nice wooden frame and a smart shelf where you can store makeup, accessories, and whatever you need to check your mirror image.

27. Float in a floating sofa

If you have the space for a proper floating sofa, get one – you will not regret it! Most sofas today are available as modular sofas that can be assembled exactly to your needs. Ie. You can get a floating sofa that fits perfectly into your home, whether small with square footage or whether your living room is as large as a ballroom. The Tokyo fabric sofa from Sits can be composed of a multitude of modules – just look here.

28. Decorate the home with a vintage rug

A rug is a smart way to get more colors and fun patterns into your home. And right now, classic rugs are hitting modern homes. The rugged rug from Dutchbone is made of modern materials with modern techniques but created to look like vintage Persian rugs.

29. Dark and light wood together

Dark and light wood is beautiful – also together! Many people choose to stick to one type of wood so as not to create a confused expression. But it can easily work if you stick to a type of wood that you can subsequently treat to get the right look. It works, i.a. really good with the beautiful Blackbird Oak – sideboard from Ethnicraft, a black-stained and light oak combination.

30. Personal butler in your hallway

Do you have a hallway or an entrance hall that you do not quite know how to decorate? Make the spaces usable by equipping yourself with a different mute server – it will be a nice place to hang your bag and outerwear decoratively. Table Tree dumbwaiter from Zuiver is perfect for the purpose.

31. Voluminous sofa for large spaces

If you love the New Yorker style, then, of course, you need to have a bold leather sofa that fits beautifully into the raw and open interior design style that characterizes the look. And since you have saved on knick-knacks and decorations in this form of interior design, you can easily go all-in on the sofa. Choose a voluminous and soft sofa that you can really relax in. You sit fantastically in the Cloud fabric sofa, which is also available in leather from Prostoria, which is made to fit into a raw home.

32. Get a splash of color into the home with pillows

Play with the colors when choosing accessories in the form of pillows and trinkets. You should not be afraid of pan colors. For example, choose a single pillow in a wild color, such as the beautiful yellow Monty pillow from Zuiver. It’s a cool way to get a little splash of color into the home, completely without you having to swing the big brush – or air the big wallet.

33. Distinctive lines in the decor

Are you into the austere and sharp look? So choose furniture with distinctive lines so that your decor will stand razor-sharp and furniture. This is where the Cubed 02 Wood sofa bed from Innovation Living fits in really well. It looks like a regular armchair, but it can easily be folded out into a guest bed if needed.

34. The desk that also decorates

If you need a workstation at home, choose a desk that has both spaces for storage and at the same time looks super beautiful when you are not using it. Mr. Marius Origami – the desk from Ethnicraft is super beautiful in itself, and when decorated with accessories in different colors and expressions. Paper and desk clutter are easily stored out of the way in the three drawers.

35. Create your own little jungle with plants

Plants give life to your home. Decorate with many plants – both large and small, choose different pots for an exciting look, or stick to one color to create uniformity. Create your own little jungle, like here, where the green plants have a gray wall as a background, which is matched nicely by the beautiful Subang armchair from BoShop Collection.


Your personal home decor style is very dependent on your lifestyle. Whatever your lifestyle is, your home decor will thrive in those conditions.

The personal decor is a personal home decoration choice. It changes according to the lifestyle, occupation, and habits of the person.

There are several ways to find your personal decorating style. You can look at decoration magazines. You can take the online quiz. It might be a good idea to take care of your wardrobe.

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