Ideas for Creative Lighting Concepts

Recessed spotlights can not only be used for the general lighting of a room or for the targeted illumination of workplaces in the kitchen or office. They can also be attached very well for creative lighting purposes. For example, to brighten niches, highlight art and accessories, or simply play with light accents on the walls.

When installing LED spotlights, a rule of thumb is generally not to install them near the edge where the wall and ceiling come together. Installed too close to the wall, the recessed spotlights cast shadows. However, these are undesirable, especially with the basic lighting in the room. On the other hand, rules are there to be broken. At least when it comes to style and interior issues.

There are good reasons to play with ceiling spotlights’ vertical effects when you let the rules be rules.

Flood Walls with Light from Above with Recessed Spotlights

With recessed spotlights, entire walls can literally be bathed in light. For this purpose, many recessed spotlights are embedded in the ceiling at a short distance from one another and from the wall to be illuminated. The right number and spacing depend on the recessed spotlights’ diameter, the wall’s width, and the LEDs’ selected brightness.

This technique is particularly well suited for attaching a huge painting to a windowless wall or decorating a surface with several accessories. Because it can create very even, uniform lighting that completely shows the entire work of art evenly in the right light moves.

This lighting technology is also perfect for home libraries in which shelves and bookcases extend the entire length of the wall. The effect is also perfect if you have simply painted a wall, for example, in a different color in the living room. This color highlight can also be emphasized with recessed spotlights.

Create Grazing Light Effects with Recessed Ceiling Spotlights

The recessed spotlights are installed very close to the wall and ceiling meet to create a grazing light effect. With this positioning of the recessed spotlights, which shine vertically downwards, unique shadows can be created that highlight the wall’s surface structure.

A theatrical effect comes into its own on walls with a markedly structured surface – brick walls in an industrial loft, for example, stucco or coarse stone walls. The grazing light comes into its own when the recessed spotlights are installed around 12 to 15 cm away from the wall at a distance of around 40 cm from one another.

Unusual Lighting Effects with Recessed Spotlights: Chic Scallops

Scallops are hyperbolic cones of light that mutually overlap. They arise when recessed spotlights are installed in a row. The ceiling spotlights are positioned at twice the distance they have from the wall. The distances must be even and symmetrical to create the desired atmosphere.

The recessed spotlights should not be too far from the wall. Otherwise, the shadows cast create a cave effect because they take up most of the vertical. Carefully and thoughtfully placed, this light effect is a decorative element, especially in hallways. You can also use it to skillfully stage the most visually appealing side of a room.

Set Accents with Recessed Spotlights

Anyone with a beautiful painting, an art print, or a creative poster on the wall can emphasize it with targeted light from recessed spotlights. Dedicated spotlights made of recessed spotlights give the decorative element a great visual impact by creating an intense contrast to the room lighting.

Art accessories attached to walls are idealized when the light cone hits the object from a 30 ° angle. This reduces potential glare and shadows. Provided that the recessed spotlights are correctly positioned, the light cone and the viewing height (usually the top third of a picture) hit the picture at the same height.

Recessed Spotlights Are All-Rounders

Recessed spotlights are not limited to use for basic room lighting. A few creative tricks and techniques give selected elements in the room their own flair, set accents, and create atmosphere.

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