6 Unusual Ideas for Unique Wall Decorations in The Frame

Picture frames are no longer just classic displays for photos and prints. They offer an extensive playground to give free rein to creativity and the urge to design. Especially when it comes to framing unusual and unique accessories.

When the four walls at home are already covered with family photos and art prints, a little something unusual can add the right flavor to the overall composition. But finding something unique and arranging it in a suitable setting is sometimes difficult. You should consider which things have an individual symbolic character, a meaning for yourself, and what kind of framework you can skillfully stage it with. Here these six ideas come to the right place:

Book, Comic, Magazine, or Record Covers

Your favorite reading or song is always with you in the office, in the hallway, in the study, or in the hobby room, thanks to the framed cover. You can also copybook covers and magazine cover pages or design them beforehand in vintage style with an image editing program for the correct format. Record covers can be framed just as well as an original or a copy? ? And if it’s the song’s cover from the first date together, it’s also a particularly personal gift idea. There are configurators and professional services that can help out special formats or thick elements to be fitted into the frame.

Maps, Sketches, or Blueprints

Maps and plans are not only often full of vivid colors and ancient ones, with a unique texture, they are also great for making them stand out visually. Also, maps and sketches can convey special meaning and tell part of their own story.

The transport network of your hometown or a road map of your favorite travel destination make framed plans individual and personal. For example, when framing a sketch or blueprint of your own home or a hobby item. In particular, street maps and plans look great in large picture frames of around 100 cm x 150 cm.


Puzzling requires concentration, perseverance, and determination – and the result can really be seen in a beautiful picture frame. A framed puzzle is a colorful and unique wall decor that not only shows off your hard work but is also an appealing accessory for the eye.

Framed puzzles are particularly effective in playrooms or children’s rooms but also in workrooms. But actually, in every room, that can use a bit of color. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when framing puzzles. That is why you should find out about a suitable puzzle frame in advance.

Flags and Pennants

A flag does not necessarily have to be hoisted on the mast. Flags and pennants also look great in picture frames and can create a very professional decorative character by combining accessories with seriousness. Also, flags and pennants in various shapes and sizes fit into any type of room design. With a passepartout, individual elements can also be highlighted, making the whole thing look even more special.

Foreign Currencies or Special Stamps

The remaining cash from the honeymoon or an unusual postage stamp from abroad are excellent souvenirs and are great for staging inappropriate picture frames on the wall. Or the first invoice that you kept from your own business. Or the collector’s coins that you received for your 10th birthday. Or limited stamps with Pop Art motifs. Regardless of which currency or brand you choose, anything smaller than 12 or 13 cm can also be staged in a very unusual way with special passepartout shapes.

Garments and Fabrics

Done right; clothes look pretty cool in the frame. The jersey with the favorite player’s signature, the fan shirt from a memorable concert visit, or the daughter’s christening gown can be shamelessly displayed. Frames arranged next to each other with coordinated clothing items are extraordinary and personal accessories on the wall. However, you have to consider the thickness of the fabric in the frame. But then framed clothing items conjure up personality, enthusiasm, and, depending on the case, lively colors on every empty surface.

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