8 Furniture and Decoration Ideas with Trendy Colors

For over two decades, Pantone’s trend color of the year has influenced product development and purchasing decisions in almost all industries, including interior design. For 2021, Pantone has named Classic Blue the trend-setting shade that will soon be found in furniture, decorations, accessories, and furnishings.

Pantone’s Classic Blue

Classic blue is a color that echoes and resonates in many facets of life that is diverse and expressive and yet simple. This versatility ensures that the Pantone color of the year 2021 can be a central focal point for furniture and decor and a color accent or neutralizing color element.

If you are ready to move this versatile color into your home, you will find the necessary inspiration here to decorate and furnish it in a classic blue.

Sideboard Redditch III

This deep blue sideboard is an eye-catcher in every hallway, office, or living area. Its classic, restrained shapes let the color prevail, making this piece of furniture an elegant and modern splash of color for every room and environment. It comes into its own where it can tap its potential as a reference point.

Carla Sofa Bed

The classic blue shade really comes into its own on this sofa bed. Also, underlined by the velvety effect of the velour cover and the bright feet create a skillful contrast. This couch, which skillfully combines modern and traditional elements, is a successful highlight in every living room.

Tip: If you don’t want to buy a new seat, you can give your couch a new look in the trend color of 2021 in no time at all with a sofa cover in classic blue.

Velvet-Carpet Marble

Classic blue is an excellent way to set accents in home design. This is also the case with this carpet, which is particularly effective in bright surroundings and blends perfectly with an open-plan living concept and generally in bright living areas. Its strong dark coloring automatically brings it to the fore everywhere.

Table Lamp Magia Murano

This extraordinary table lamp in Classic Blue comes from the world-famous stronghold of glass processing in Italy. An exceptional piece that brings dynamism to every room. The chrome-plated base provides the necessary contrast and lets the lamp float optically, accentuating the blue of the table lamp even better – Magia Murano glass bedside lamp.

Vintage Tiles Rachel

Ceramic and cement tiles are a sought-after decorative element in the kitchen and bathroom, on the floor, and on the wall. This, too, can be used to set perfect accents in classic blue in the apartment. With different patterns and decors, these tiles create a Mediterranean flair at home. Perfect for the modern touch in a country style and vintage interiors.

Tip: Those who prefer to stay flexible or can only redesign their living spaces to a limited extent will find an inexpensive and easily realizable alternative in blue tile stickers with oriental and Mediterranean designs in classic blue.

Blackout Curtain Milano

Velvet look and classic blue harmonize perfectly. This combination gives rooms a touch of stately home and luxury. So it’s no wonder that this curtain has become a splendid eye-catcher in the living room and bedroom. The drawstring on this model supports the calming effect of Classic Blue through noiseless opening and closing.

Canvas Print

An extraordinary centerpiece on every living room and bedroom wall. The 50 cm x 70 cm canvas print skillfully demonstrates the effectiveness of Classic Blue against a monochrome background and decorates light walls and rooms with a coordinated splash of color. The powerful blue is underlined by the motif and the quality of the material.

XXL Blanket

For Classic Blue to find its way into your own four walls, it doesn’t need a new coat of paint right away. The trend color can also be integrated into the home environment with little eye-catchers. Home textiles such as the blanket, for example, are an ideal solution for anyone who would like to add a few color highlights without having to renovate.

Classic Blue for Your Home

It doesn’t always have to be the stairs to the upper floor, the kitchen and living area wall, or the bookshelf. The trendy blue can find its way into your home with just a few means and hand movements and still develop its full effect.

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