Acrylic Glass Splashbacks: Stylish Kitchen Looks

Acrylic glass splashbacks are especially, but of course, not only a big deal for small kitchens. They create space, transparency if required, look good, and are absolutely easy to care for. Individual dimensions, including cut-outs for sockets, are possible at any time so that the rear walls fit every variant – whether fitted kitchen or modular kitchen. But kitchen splashbacks made of acrylic glass can do more than just look classy. They offer a multitude of advantages from ordering to assembly.

Easy Installation – You Can Install the Plexiglass Kitchen Splash By Yourself

A kitchen splashback made of acrylic glass is easy to handle, even for non-experts. The easiest way to mount the plexiglass back wall is to glue the glass pane directly onto the wall. For this purpose, the back of the plexiglass plates is generously and evenly coated with special glue or putty and mounted on the corresponding wall. This saves drilling holes and major measures. Finally, the plexiglass kitchen rear walls must be sealed with silicone at the edges around sockets, work surfaces, sinks, and kitchen cabinets.

A second option is to screw the Plexiglas kitchen backsplash to a spacer. This is particularly useful if you renovate old kitchens, for example, where the original tiled surfaces are still in good condition. This way, you can preserve the retro charm of the kitchen and protect the old tiles from further wear and tear. To do this, drill a hole in the four corners of the acrylic kitchen backsplash. A matching counterpart in the existing backsplash. The acrylic kitchen splashbacks are then screwed through the holes in the panel, spacer, and wall.

Different Designs Create a Privileged Air in the Kitchen

Acrylic glass kitchen rear walls are transparent and simple and milky opaque or in bright colors. With or without a mirror effect, as a motif back wall or transparent. For small kitchens, transparent or light-colored kitchen splashbacks made of plexiglass are particularly suitable. They visually enlarge the space. A mirror effect does the rest.

Larger kitchens, possibly with light kitchen furniture, can also be provided with kitchen rear walls made of acrylic glass in darker shades or matt designs. These visually close the room somewhat and give the fitted kitchen its very own flair. Backgrounds with designs are particularly cool. So you can easily accommodate industrial-style elements.

In acrylic sheets for the kitchen with a motif, a printed layer is applied to the back of the acrylic sheets. This shines with variable lighting and depending on the design to a different extent.

Tips for Acrylic Glass Kitchen Splashes

The back walls made of acrylic glass are straightforward to clean, easy to assemble, and precisely why they enjoy ever greater popularity. When buying, make sure to measure the position and dimensions of the cut-outs for wall lamps or sockets exactly. Also important for corner kitchens: The glass plates should later be butted and close to the kitchen on both sides. That is why the thickness of the acrylic glass walls must be calculated when measuring. This shortens the length of one of the rear walls. Depending on the type of installation – glue or plate screws – the size of the second rear wall is further reduced. All that remains is the design. And the rule is: who has the choice …

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