Armchair Bed: Solution for Guests in Small Apartments

A small apartment, a room in a shared apartment: a lack of space does not mean you cannot receive guests. Thanks to smart multifunctional furniture and clever room design, it is possible to create space for friends, family, and overnight guests, even in a small space. Sofa chairs fit into this offer in a particularly clever way.

During the day, they serve as seating furniture; in the evening and at night, they can be transformed into sleeping accommodations in just a few simple steps. Unlike sofa beds, the armchairs take up less space overall and can not be set up in smaller rooms. Even if the rooms have an unusual layout, such as niches and bay windows, armchairs are ideal for integrating them into the room layout without wasting space.

High-Quality Reclining Chairs as A Bed Alternative

Similar to the purchase of sofa beds, you should know in advance whether you are purchasing the armchair bed as a permanent bed alternative, i.e., plan to sleep on it every day, or whether the furniture is primarily intended to serve as a seat and only occasionally be used as a bed. Because that makes a difference. Nobody wants to spend the night on foam upholstery for a long time—especially nobody who wants to prevent possible back problems. Fortunately, there are also models with slatted frames and cold foam mattresses for continuous armchairs as beds.

Armchair Bed for Children’s and Teenagers’ Rooms

There is often space for armchairs in children’s rooms. When folded up as a seat, the comfortable furniture fulfills several functions, unfolded like a play mat or for an afternoon nap and overnight guests. Because armchairs for children and teenagers can usually be folded out close to the floor, falls are prevented. Folded up again after use, the armchairs for children and teenagers fit perfectly into free corners and take up little space.

Elegant Armchairs for Living Rooms and Guest Rooms

Looking for a solution that is both a guest bed and a seat without neglecting comfort and design? No problem. The range of comfortable and good-looking armchairs is large. With this furniture, however, the function as seating furniture is usually in the foreground. Spending longer periods of time on these elegant armchairs will sooner or later get to the point – that of the sleeper and that of the armchair. But when occasionally used as single guest beds, these chic armchairs are an eye-catcher that you can enjoy for a long time.

Space-Saving Sleeping Chair

At first glance, it can be seen that a sofa bed per se takes up less space than a sofa bed. Most models do not exceed a width of 100 cm. But some variants also offer the option of using the inside of the construction as storage space. Similar to drawers in the bed frame, some armchairs also have a kind of bed box in which, for example, unneeded sleeping accessories can be stowed away during the day. Simultaneously, such a bed box ensures more comfort when sleeping on the sofa bed than is the case with floor-level models for teenagers and children.

Is It Worth Buying a Sleeper Chair?

If you want to create space for guests in a limited space or do not want to overcrowd small rooms, you can remedy this with a sofa bed. The higher the quality of the models in which the choice of materials, construction, and workmanship are right, the greater the comfort and the more stylish the design. High-quality armchairs with a sleeping function are a successful addition to furnishing the guest room or the seating area in the living room. They can even be used as a permanent replacement for a bed without the upholstery being sagged or sagging.

So yes, for those who like to remain flexible and receive many guests at home or who want comfortable sleeping solutions available despite limited space, buying a high-quality armchair can definitely pay off.

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