Avoid 5 Typical Mistakes When Decorating for Christmas

Do you also feel that there is not really a system and coherence in your Christmas decorations? Does it often end up being more messy than cozy? Read on when the interior design experts reveal what mistakes we most often make when we fill the home with Christmas – and of course, how to avoid them!

Mistake # 1: Messy decorations

“A lot of people pull out the Christmas box and then start squeezing the Santas and other Christmas decorations in between the home’s other decorative items and decorations. It simply looks so messy! ”

“Make room for the Christmas decorations by packing some of your other trinkets away over Christmas. Also, group your Christmas decorations in space – for example, on a sideboard, a coffee table, or a window sill. Although the ornaments are different and do not fit together, it can be a nice still life when they stand close together in a small group. So – make way for the Christmas decorations!”

Mistake # 2: Overexposure

“In an attempt to create a cozy Christmas atmosphere in the garden or on the balcony, you get too many light chains hung up. It can be so exaggerated that you almost drown in a sea of flashing lights and colors when you step outside the door.”

“It does not take much to create a magical Christmas atmosphere. Choose light chains with small lights, avoid the flashing variants, and finally, do not have too many light chains. Also, avoid light chains with a cold, bluish light, and go for a soft, golden, and cozy light. It’s better to think a little, but good. If necessary, supplement with a couple of lanterns with battery-powered block lights – it gives extra coziness, but in a stylish way.”

Mistake No. 3: Too widespread

“When we take all the Christmas decorations out and place them in all the nooks, window sills, corners, and on every shelf, it easily looks very messy.”

“Collect Christmas decorations in small Christmas environments. For example, put the Christmas balls in a large glass vase. Or you can collect several pieces of Christmas decorations on a tray and make a small Christmas exhibition in a kind of still life.”

Mistake # 4: Lack of foresight

“Christmas decorations become easy for the uninitiated. When the Christmas mood floods the shops, many suddenly throw themselves around with Christmas decorations without really having thought about styling or theme.”

“Take the time to plan how you want to dress up. What colors do you want to use? Should the Christmas tree have a special theme or match the rest of the house’s decoration? Do you want to go for classic red or think out of the box with purple and gray? Think first – decorate later! A good tip is to choose colors for your Christmas decorations that also suit New Year. For example, if you use sparkling white and silver balls on the Christmas tree, you can easily recycle them as table decorations on New Year’s Eve.”

Mistake # 5: Lack of style

“You often forget your interior design style in the middle of all the Christmas decorations.”

“Ask yourself: What type of decor do I have at home? Use the answer as a starting point for your Christmas decorations. After all, there are many styles, even when it comes to Christmas decorations. Kitsch Christmas, rural Christmas, graphic Christmas, classic Christmas, and so on. Choose a color and theme that suits your style – and stick to it.”

How do you decorate for Christmas this year? And have you decided on a theme, or are you more into scattered decorations?


Christmas decoration mistakes are prevalent. Choose your decoration correctly according to the area you will decorate. Don't get too far from the traditional Christmas decoration theme. Add a personal touch to your decoration. You can also decorate your home garden for decoration, remember. Apply red and green, which are the default colors of Christmas.

Here are the most common Christmas decoration mistakes. Color harmony is not considered. The default colors of Christmas are not used or are little used. Decoration compatible with the area is not made. Too much decoration is done. Only certain parts of the house are decorated.

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