Avoid These 3 Common Mistakes when Moving

There are a lot of things to consider before, during, and after moving. No wonder, then, that you can quickly forget something. To keep the damage within limits and make a move a little more relaxed, most people rely on professional moving companies from a certain point in time. Everyone has moved on their own at some point. That is why everyone knows how time-consuming, physically demanding, and emotionally stressful a move can be – especially when, over time, the family has grown and the household. At least the time aspect, the risk of damage, and the physical stress can be handled by moving professionals. Nevertheless, there are still enough other organizational matters to consider.

1. Label the Boxes

Moving is time-consuming anyway. Anyone who refrains from labeling their boxes also loses time to later sort all the boxes in the new home and find the items that should be put in the right room and the corresponding cupboards and shelves.

Labeling sounds like a pretty obvious matter, but it’s the little things that often get lost in the hustle and bustle of moving. Boxes should be labeled with the room the contents belong in and a note of what is inside. Especially when ice is a fragile item, it should be clearly visible and legible.

This saves time because the moving workers can pre-sort the boxes directly and minimizes possible damage to fragile property. In addition, when you clear out the new apartment, you immediately know which items are in which box.

2. Pack Everyday Items Separately

Just labeling is not always enough. The best thing to do is to provide a separately marked moving box in which to pack the things you need every day – it would be extremely inconvenient if the identification papers, keys to the new place to stay, or the utensils for the first evening ritual in the new apartment disappear in the middle of the moving boxes. A change of clothes and possibly pajamas should also be kept separately so that they do not end up in the loading area of the moving vehicle.

3. Get Enough Cardboard Boxes

The service of a professional moving company includes the provision of moving boxes and a packing and assembly service. Luckily. A typical mistake when moving is not having enough packing material. It is also really not easy to estimate the sheer number of objects and possessions – dishes, decorative accessories, clothing and linen, children’s toys or plants: the real extent often only becomes apparent while packing.

Professionals can better estimate the extent of their possessions and usually bring enough boxes and packing material with them to really stow everything. Otherwise, it is at least advisable to get too many moving boxes rather than too few. High-quality boxes of fruit cartons from the supermarket are always preferable to avoid damage to the transported objects.

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