Barbecue Party * How To Organize a Successful Barbecue

Sausages and vegetable skewers sizzle on the grill, you are sitting with friends and enjoying a cold drink – what could be nicer than a summer barbecue? We will show you how to create an atmospheric atmosphere and what you absolutely need for a successful barbecue.

Spontaneously fire up the grill, put a bouquet of flowers on the terrace table and invite some friends: A small barbecue party usually succeeds without much preparation. The summer barbecue will be unforgettable if you invest a little more time in planning. With the perfect decoration, you can put your guests in a good mood and holiday mood – for example, by choosing napkins and placemats with maritime motifs. What else is up? We have collected creative ideas and inspiration for great barbecuing hours. In addition, tips for preparation, delicious recipes, and a practical checklist.

The Perfect Preparation

Send out invitations asking for feedback – that way, you know how many people you have to plan. Remember to include the date, time, and place of the summer festival. The fastest way to get information is by smartphone, but everyone is happy to receive a lovely card in the post. Then it’s time to go shopping in the supermarket. Make sure to clarify beforehand who is eating meat or animal products. Also important: How hungry are your guests? For a mixed group of men, women, and children, you can count on 350 grams of meat per person. If there are several vegans or vegetarians among the guests, plan accordingly for more meat-free foods. For example, substitute products for the grill, such as vegan sausages, grilled cheese, baked potatoes or salads, and other side dishes.

Find a suitable place to set up a grill and tables. You can celebrate nicely between flowers and trees in the garden, but the terrace or balcony offers more protection. Also, think about bad weather: With a canopy or a large cantilever umbrella, your guests will stay dry. If there is not enough space for it, place the table inside near the patio door. Rain or shine: with the right entertainment, you can create a relaxed atmosphere. Many guests can take part in boules or cooperative card games; pantomime loosens the atmosphere.

Our Checklist for Your Perfect Barbecue Evening – Print It out And Start Preparing:

Barbecue Party * How To Organize a Successful Barbecue Furniture

Download the BBQ Evening Checklist

For a Successful Barbecue Party: Decoration with Style

Flowers are simply part of the table decoration in summer: Drape a colorful bouquet in a vase made of colored glass or earthenware on a wooden tray. Terracotta pots with Mediterranean herbs exude a Mediterranean flair. Or distribute individual flowers in small, unusual ceramic vases.

Children like things to be colorful and playful when it comes to decorations. You can achieve this with garlands, funny cardboard drinking straws with animal hangers, or small umbrellas for non-alcoholic cocktails. Adults look forward to wine and punch glasses with a crystal look and drinking straws made of glass or metal.

You choose the napkins according to the motto of the garden party: colorful, with summery patterns or an elegant fabric variant. Tip: wrap the cutlery in the napkins and decorate it with a sprig of thyme or a single flower.

You can conjure up a magical atmosphere with lanterns, colorful lanterns, or in the evening. For cool summer nights, provide your guests with cozy fringed blankets made of linen or cotton and matching pillows. In pastel tones, they look perfect in a Mediterranean garden. It is also cozy with outdoor carpets for the terrace.

These Dishes Go Well with The Table Decorations on The Grill Table

The tableware also influences the atmosphere at your summer party: white looks elegant, plates with a handmade look fit perfectly on your boho balcony. You can create a romantic mood with flower or fruit patterns. Bring bread and baguette to the fore on a wooden tray. A wicker basket, which you cover with a white linen napkin, is also good. You can also achieve a rustic look if you serve different antipasti on wooden boards. On the other hand, you can present small snacks in between on a glass or porcelain tier in an exquisite way.

The Right Grill and Clever Accessories for Your Garden Party

The heart of your barbecue: the grill! A variant with charcoal can be used for the terrace and garden, for example, a kettle grill. Or a permanently installed fireplace. For the balcony, it is best to use an electric or gas grill. The current trend is smokers. They cook the meat indirectly and are therefore particularly tender. Spare ribs or roasts often sizzle on the smoker for several hours. So plan enough time and celebrate the anticipation.

In addition to the grill, you will need suitable accessories. For shashlik and the like, choose wooden skewers or reusable skewers made of stainless steel. Would you like to cook fish and vegetables as gently as possible? Do without disposable aluminum bowls and use a grill basket or a corresponding grid or board.

Extraordinary Recipe Ideas: Grilling with A Difference

The nice thing about a barbecue: You can get creative and let off steam. In addition to the classics such as sausages and neck steak, try our unusual grill ideas:

Korean fire meat: BBQ fun for Asia fans! Cut a fillet of beef into thin strips. Chop the garlic and spring onions and mix everything with the soy sauce, sesame oil, rice wine, and a little brown sugar. The meat has to rest in the marinade for a few hours and is then seared in a cast iron grill pan.

Grilled sweet potatoes: sweet, salty, and simply delicious. Cut the potatoes into slices. In a mortar, crush fresh herbs like thyme and rosemary along with garlic. Add olive oil and marinate the potatoes. After a few minutes on the grill, season with sea salt.

Peaches with honey: Peel the peaches, cut them in half, and let them steep for a while in a rosemary and lemon juice marinade. Then grill the halves in a grill pan or with a little aluminum foil on the wire rack. Meanwhile, brush with a mixture of honey and butter.

Barbecue Party: Celebrate and Enjoy in Style

Whether on the balcony or in your own garden – a barbecue party is one of the most beautiful events of summer. Especially when you create an outdoor paradise where friends and family feel really good. You can easily bring the lightness of the warm season indoors with our summer decoration ideas – for example, with airy textiles and ethnic prints. By the way: when it gets colder again, you will be well prepared with our practical tips for winter barbecuing.

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