Bedroom Lighting: This Is How It Gets Atmospheric

The bedroom is the most private space in your home. Here you can let yourself go, relax and be yourself. This works best with cozy light that is precisely tailored to your needs.

The Basics for A Soft Glow

Light for relaxing, reading, and getting dressed – all of these criteria should be met by the lighting in the bedroom. That sounds like a challenge, but it’s easy to implement with our tips. Your lighting design should consist of at least three different sources: ceiling light, reading lamp, and lighting for cupboards or mirrors.

Also, make sure that all lamps can be dimmed. This gives you even more design options for your feel-good place.

Let There Be Light in The Bedroom – Knowing How

Before you install the light sources: think carefully about what your needs are. For example, if you put on makeup in the bathroom, mirror lighting is not so important.

Make sure to mount the lamps at different heights and with varying brightness. This ensures harmonious light and a cozy ambiance.

Practical: With modern light sources, you can adjust the color temperature. Use warm white in the evening and daylight white to get up.

Are there sockets and light outlets in the right places for your lighting? You may have to move the bed or closet when setting up the bedroomit’s worth it.

Indispensable: The Ceiling Lighting in The Bedroom

Pendant lights work well with high ceilings. You should emit diffuse light so that it does not appear too harsh, for example, through frosted glass.

In large bedrooms, several pendant lights at different heights look classy and elegant. Combine the look, for example, with withdrawn Scandi in the bedroom.

If you have low ceilings or set up a small bedroom, movable ceiling spots are a good solution. They can be aligned individually.

If possible, the ceiling light should also function as the only light source and illuminate the room evenly. A diffuser also supports this.

The light of the ceiling lamp is ideally neutral white to warm white. With LED lighting, the color temperature is given in Kelvin – the higher the number, the cooler the light. For a cozy, rather warm light, choose approx. 2,700-3,300 Kelvin (is indicated on the packaging).

For Bookworms: Bedroom Lighting by The Bed

Your eyes will thank you when you browse in direct and neutral white light.

The classic place for your reading light is on the bedside table. If your partner sleeps next to you, a model with an umbrella makes sense. Sensitive fellow sleepers are also grateful for a dimming function.

Don’t have a bedside table? A slim floor lamp with a swiveling shade also works.

Wall-mounted reading lamps are space-saving and practical. The advantage: you can read while seated without any problems.

Refined: This Is how The Wardrobe and Mirror Shine

The light should be bright, not too hard, and neutral white for make-up or choosing an outfit.

Recessed lights in the closet are a luxury that is worth it. Inexpensive alternatives are cordless LED recessed lights that can be glued on.

Wall lights that directly illuminate the cabinet or mirror also work. Your advantage: They do not cast as much shadow as ceiling lights.

Surface-mounted lights are not in, but in front of the cupboard – ideal for getting dressed and putting on make-up.

Extra Gentle: Indirect Lighting in The Bedroom

Indirect light is soft and warm white, which makes it so cozy. Perfect for cuddling and relaxing.

Shielded wall lights or ceiling spotlights create warm islands of light.

Hidden LED strips with warm white light let the bedroom shine gently. You can place them under shelves, behind the TV, or under the bed.

If you have to go to the toilet at night, you don’t like to turn on the big light. Indirect lighting is an eye-friendly alternative here.

Put Your Home in The Right Light

A coherent lighting concept takes the strain off the eyes, illuminates your rooms, and sets beautiful accents. This does not only apply to the lighting in the bedroom. You can also read how you can achieve living room lighting and what makes good kitchen lighting. Because your interior only really comes into its own when you skillfully make it shine.

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