Blue and Sand: A Cozy Color Mix for Walls and Furniture

The blue and sand tones mix is reminiscent of the beach, water, and the cloudless sky. Whether as a holistic living concept or with targeted color accents: We will show you how this uncomplicated duo will move in with you.

A perfect day at the seaside doesn’t need a lot of fanfare. It’s the same with the relaxed color combination of blue and sand. It goes best with a clear design and natural materials such as raffia or bamboo. That is why the duo is the ideal partner for the Scandinavian style. Its distinguishing features: a light wooden interior and simple shapes. In addition, the Nordic look relies on splashes of color in friendly tones. They remind us that nature still sets the most beautiful trends with bright blue and bright sunlight.

Cozy: Blue and Sand in The Living Room

A wall in expressive azure blue has a harmonious and inviting effect. The larger the room, the darker the blue can be. A nuance that is reminiscent of the depths of the sea has a particularly calming effect – the color palette “The Sea” was the Pantone color trend in 2020 for a reason.

With sand tones and furnishings in natural materials, we say: It’s a match! Lightwood and retroelements enrich the room – for example, in the form of flared sofa or table legs. An armchair or a side table made of bamboo also looks great.

The heart of this color concept is a chic couch. A model in the sand looks great in front of the blue wall – in this case, cozy plaids and throw pillows are also light-colored. A blue sofa makes a statement. Carpets and home textiles should not be too dark; otherwise, they will be too gloomy.

Less is more: this color combination doesn’t need opulent accessories. Instead, wood-framed prints or photographs or macrame wall decorations impress when placed individually.

Fantastically Beautiful: Blue and Sand in The Bedroom

Light blue tones on the wall have a calming effect and let us slumber peacefully. Airy curtains in sand tones are nice – a very delicate blue is also allowed.

For a bed made of light wood, the throw pillows and bed linen can shine in different shades of blue—bedside tables made of rattan or wicker complement the Natural Living Style.

Long pile carpets make your bedroom cozy. With their colors and patterns, these reflect the blue-sand combination. Faux fur in a light shade also fits into this look.

Blue and Sand: Relaxed Vibes in The Bathroom

Tiles in shades of blue appear clean and friendly. If you haven’t planned a complete renovation, you don’t have to do without the freshness kick: azure, blue-gray, or turquoise can be picked up well in soap dispensers, bowls, or caskets.

Towels and bath rugs in shades of blue are a welcome splash of color in the bathroom. If you like, you can combine blue and cream tones. The shower curtain and roller blind can also be easily adapted to the color scheme.

Deco with maritime elements such as shells, starfish, or pebbles whet your appetite for the beach and the sea and conjure up that special Sylt chic with ease. Easy-care plants in a chic blue planter invite you to dream.

With Blue and Sand, the Kitchen Becomes a Favorite Place

The dining area made of light wood is wonderfully cozy with blue chair cushions, tablecloths, and dishes in shades of blue, as well as patterns or stripes on cups. Napkins and Co. complete the picture.

Kitchen furniture and fronts made of light wood in combination with white embody the restrained Scandinavian design. Curtains or runners in deep blue create a color contrast.

Perfect for Sunday brunch: fresh cut flowers in simple, straight vases. You serve the fresh rolls in bread baskets and trays made of raffia or reed grass.

Color Combinations for Every Taste: From Classy to Feminine

The color schemes in your home reflect your personality. Do you like it classy and grown-up? Then you might like the trending green meets rosé. The delicate pink in connection with the rich color is not at all girly. But if you prefer the feminine nuances, then Soft Blush suits you. The dreamy look combines powder tones with brilliant white. Black and beige are not that innocent: The mix of the strong non-color and the elegant cream tone definitely brings glamor into your rooms.

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