Boho Balcony: A Small Outdoor Paradise in Hippie Style

Enjoy mild summer evenings with family and friends: Boho balconies and terraces invite you in boho style. The cheerful, casual furnishing trend transforms every outdoor area into a happy oasis. With natural materials, lots of fabric, and atmospheric accessories, the unconventional style can also be achieved outdoors in no time at all.

The boho look is one of the most popular furnishing styles. In a good mood and informal, the mix of textures and patterns is also quite popular outdoors. Thanks to its casual charisma, it creates the perfect ambiance for relaxing, recharging, hanging out, and chilling out. A boho balcony or terrace in boho style looks close to nature and full of life, with an exotic touch – because open-air also combines different elements from various cultures.

Colors and Textiles

Boho is all about textiles. Playing with different fabrics in different colors can be easily implemented on the balcony and terrace. For example, on the floor: with poufs and floor cushions. And underneath, rustic carpets made of jute, raffia, and sisal. Bamboo mats or runners with ethnic patterns also look good when designing balconies in Boho style. Provided they are weatherproof. Don’t worry: outdoor carpets meet exactly these requirements. They are robust, defy wind and rain, and are therefore ideal for the boho terrace. It is particularly casual to combine different sizes and shapes. Means to put a smaller one on a large carpet or round on an angular one.


Thick throw pillows, throws, and blankets made of linen or cotton are draped on outdoor armchairs, chairs, and sofas. Resistant materials should also be chosen here. Alternatively, you can put it in the box after every balcony session.

Also very important on the boho terrace: fringes, fringes, fringes. Wherever possible, pompons, tassels, and cords should come into play. The color scheme of the Boho style is primarily earthy and natural. Beige-cream, light gray, or light brown definitely belong to it. Cheerful, colorful accents can be set with bright colors or wild, unusual patterns. Also good: patchwork or batik look.

Furniture and Accessories

Lounge furniture invites you to cuddle and laze around – in the Boho style, they are preferably made of natural materials. Garden loungers, daybeds, couches, and side tables are also made from renewable raw materials – rattan or teak. If you are designing the terrace, wooden boxes can serve as a side table or planter and old beverage pallets as an outdoor couch. Shelves made of natural materials are also ideal for the boho balcony and terrace. Hanging chairs or hammocks complete the open-air relaxation corner. On request, there are, of course, also weatherproof alternatives for garden furniture, for example, made of hard-wearing poly rattan.

Summer Decoration

Furnishing with natural materials, such as wood, velvet, rattan, jute, or wicker, represents the need for peace and quiet – and goes well with natural decoration. Instead of massive planters, baskets made of seagrass and bamboo are great eye-catchers. Alternatively, they can also be used for blankets and magazines. Dried grasses (rabbit tail and pampas grass) arranged in pretty glass vases exude boho charm. Decoration with fairy lights creates an atmospheric ambiance on mild summer nights. Lanterns made from natural materials, such as bamboo also conjure up beautiful light on the boho balcony. A mirror with a frame in rattan optics visually enlarges the small terrace.

Dreamcatchers and macrame hanging baskets look pretty on the boho wall. Cozy evenings end promisingly under a canopy or airy curtains and strips of fabric on the walls and the ceiling. Mats made of reed or bamboo offer the perfect privacy protection. Palm trees, cacti, and succulents in different sizes go perfectly with the boho feeling and perfect the outdoor paradise.

Boho Style for Balconies and Patios

If you like the boho balcony really colorful, you can top it off with the cheerful Coachella Festival look. It immediately feels like an open-air feeling and almost screams for barbecuing fun with friends. Tropical Style is more like a tropical one. The nice thing is that it works just as well inside as it does outside. We just say Tropical Outdoor!

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