Canopy Reinterpreted with Traditional: Modern Pergolas

The southern Europeans, in particular, have known the pergola since ancient times. At that time, they had the primary purpose of being a climbing aid for grapevines. To this day, the white Alvarinho wine is grown on pergolas in Portugal. In the Renaissance, the initially purely practical porch was used for the first time as decorative. It was placed in the rich and beautiful park-like gardens as a sunshade with ivy or field bindweed vines. This is very similar to what modern pergolas are. Instead of wood, however, more and more weather-resistant and easy-care materials are being used for the frame. And instead of climbing plants on UV-resistant, waterproof fabrics that protect against wind and weather.

The Advantages of Covering with A Pergola

The pergola is an excellent alternative to the awning for the patio at home. With modern pergolas, it is possible to create an almost closed space. For example, thanks to side walls can be extended infinitely in just a few steps if necessary, or with a canopy that can be mechanically extended to just the right length depending on the sun’s position or the weather. Some variants of a modern pergola can even be expanded to include LED lighting.

  • This means that the garden and terrace remain as living space, so to speak, even beyond the midsummer months.
  • The roofing with a pergola creates a Mediterranean flair. This makes the garden and terrace look even more relaxed and reminds you of vacation.
  • A modern pergola is as robust and weatherproof as easy to care for and can be operated almost noiselessly without great effort.
  • The construction authority must request the installation of a faithful pergola in a winter garden or a passage. However, a modern pergola installation does not need to be requested from the building authority.
  • At the same time, you can enjoy the same advantage with a wall-mounted pergola. That the house doesn’t heat up.
  • With some models, sun and wind protection can be controlled from mobile devices or integrated into the intelligent home structure.
  • A UV-resistant awning cover protects sensitive garden furniture, wooden panels on the terrace, and plants from direct sunlight.

Garden Design Through a Pergola

With an add-on pergola, you can use more outdoor space than before, even in winter or when it rains. Does that mean being able to really enjoy your own garden and terrace in the first place? And to get to know completely new, exciting sides. At the same time, however, the pergola fits into the existing garden. It also gives the garden a completely new coat of paint. For example, instead of side windbreak walls, raised beds can be set up between the corner posts of the pergola. This allows you to embed your pergola in a veritable sea of flowers. Or you can decide on your favorite color when buying modern wind and sun protection so that the color of the roof of the pergola matches the plants in the garden. This also means that modern pergolas in individual dimensions and sizes can also be found in smaller gardens.

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