Care for Indoor Plants During the Holiday Season

Indoor plants are many things: decorative, regenerative, and ideal for improving the indoor climate. But unfortunately, many of them are also sensitive, demanding, and maintenance-intensive. This can be a challenge, especially during the holiday season. Because not everyone can mobilize neighbors, friends, or family to ensure that the beautiful green gets enough light and water during the holiday season. Good advice is expensive – or not if you know how to do it.

This Gives the Plants Enough Light on Vacation

Good for those who have networked their home as a smart home. The automatic opening and closing of blinds and shutters simulate presence, thus acting as passive burglar protection and ensuring that the indoor plants receive sufficient daylight.

But if you have no way of opening your roller shutters in the morning and closing them in the evening, you might be wondering which option you have. Because darkening the windows is not an option. But also not to leave the blinds open for the duration of the absence. One variant would be to move the indoor plants at short notice.

If there is a garden or balcony, this is the best option. There the plants not only get enough light, but if it does rain, they also get a few drops of their second elixir of life, without having to use acquaintances and friends. Otherwise, the stairwell can provide the houseplants with a light source while on vacation. As a rule, windows in the stairwell of apartment buildings are not darkened at night so that the plants there can benefit from the natural rhythm of daylight.

A final variant would be to set up a central light source, for example, in the form of a daylight lamp, where the indoor plants are in the apartment. This can be controlled via a timer, even if you don’t have a smart home. However, a daylight light bulb also costs money.

Water the Houseplants While on Vacation

No green thumb friends? No balcony, no terrace, no garden? Then trick 17 is needed to provide the plants with water during the holiday season. For example, irrigation systems have long been available for purchase. But of course, you have to weigh up whether this purchase is worthwhile for a few days of vacation in summer. You can build an irrigation system yourself with few resources and only need items you already have at home.

Indoor plants with high water requirements can be watered easily and effortlessly in the sink in the kitchen or in the bathtub. To do this, simply close the drain of the sink or washbasin, let in a few centimeters of water, and place the flowers and plants in the water without any cachepots. The plants then draw as much water as they need. However, this option may only be partially agreed upon for longer holidays in summer because you may have to leave too much or too little water in the pool.

A convenient option, however, is a self-made irrigation system made from commercially available PET bottles. These are quick and easy and can be adapted to the respective houseplant’s water requirements by choosing different bottle sizes. All you need to do is make at least a four to five-millimeter-wide hole in the screw cap – you don’t need more than a nail. For plants that need more water, there may be a few more holes. Then you fill the bottle with water and put it with the lid down in the flower pot. A nail, which you push from the inside to the outside through a hole in the middle of the lid before you close the bottle and put it in the plant pot, can provide more hold.

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