Carpet Guide for The Children’s Room

Carpets are often the eye-catcher in the room. This also applies to children’s room carpets, provided that the shape, size, and design are selected accordingly. Child-friendly carpet designs are – roughly speaking – in two versions. Either you decide on a style that immediately appeals to every child and captivates with its playful, dynamic contours, motifs, and images. Or you can choose a somewhat simpler design that brings more peace and balance to the nursery but blends in harmoniously with the nursery.

Colors and Designs Suitable for Children

Children up to about seven years of age are pleased about cute patterns such as animal images or floral designs. Older children will eventually prefer simpler carpet patterns on their own. Calm color tones in natural nuances not only bring visual calm to the children’s room.

A carpet in the nursery has to be able to withstand a lot. It is worth looking for a children’s room carpet where dirt and stains are not immediately noticeable. A carpet in the medium color spectrum is generally a good choice. The colors can also vary. Whether marbled or geometrical, a pattern also helps conceal the inevitable inadequacies that will appear sooner or later.

Wall Design and Carpet as A Harmonious Unit

To make a children’s room cozy and cozy, not only the carpet plays an important role, it is a combination of wall and floor. Coordinated color tones are essential to creating a harmonious unit. Also, you can set the right accents with the selected patterns and images.

For example, the short-floor carpet by Esprit, with its differently colored triangles, offers plenty of space for childish play fantasies and, at the same time, can be a nice, cozy place in the room.
The color combination of warm taupe and beige tones and the bright color accents in pink, blue, and pink fits perfectly into a children’s room with the dominant wall color pink. However, a wall color that picks up one of the carpet colors, such as gray or blue, would also be possible. All patterns that harmonize well with the geometric carpet pattern are suitable for wall design – there are no limits to the imagination, so to speak.

Child-Friendly Materials for Carpets

The material of a children’s carpet should not be ignored for various reasons. Because it is the fibers that make the difference in preventing children’s knees from chafing and stains from seeping deep into the tissue so that they cannot be removed again. Also, the material is crucial for the longevity of a children’s room carpet.

A high-quality nylon carpet is a good choice if you are looking for a stain-resistant children’s carpet and can withstand a lot. Meanwhile, carpets are equipped with nanotechnology that can be easily washed off with water and does not even absorb dirt and stains: as if made for children’s rooms. It is also important to ensure that the children’s room carpet is certified with the OEKO-TEX Standard 100, just like all other textiles that contact the little darling.

Which Size and Shape Are the Right One for The Carpet in The Nursery?

The right dimensions of a children’s carpet are primarily related to the dimensions of the room. How big is the children’s room, and how is the furniture arranged? Ergo: how much space is left in the middle of the room to place a children’s room carpet? The carpet should be big enough that the children can play on it without any problems. Otherwise, the carpet will fail in the end anyway. The cot, crib, or cradle dimensions should also be considered, just like any play corners, chairs, game tables, or a nursing chair, such as a rocking chair.

Basically, one should tend towards larger carpets in the children’s room. While improper proportions and proportions are not particularly noticeable with traditionally round children’s carpets, square children’s carpets must be about the room. Otherwise, they quickly look out of place.

Smaller carpets are often used when furnishing children’s rooms for babies, but these can also make the room appear smaller or optically divide it into unwanted small segments.

A larger carpet, especially a square children’s carpet, covers a larger floor area and gives the room a uniform look because it holds the overall interior together. Even if the carpet gets so big that it disappears at the edges under the changing table and the cot, that’s perfectly fine.

Find the Right Place for A Square Rug

With a few thumb rules, you can easily find the right placement for the children’s carpet. First of all, the shape of the carpet should follow the shape of the room. You should then consider how much floor space you want to cover with the carpet to choose an appropriate size. Several small carpets create cozy play islands in the children’s room, while a large, flat carpet visually holds the room together.

As in the living room and bedroom, a square carpet should be set up in the middle of the room as a centerpiece. Too far to the right or left, in front or back, makes the room look out of balance. In this case, it makes sense to either use a larger square rug, which can then also disappear under the furniture at the edges, or to arrange four small square rugs to form a larger square. It is important to place the carpet to protect the children at all times during daring play activities.

The Outlet Shopping Tip for Children’s Carpets

A good shopping tip for children’s room carpets is the online shop with a large and chic selection of high-quality branded carpets. The store offers beautiful carpet collections. It can convince every room size and style of furniture and exclusive and high-quality carpets at low prices.

Conclusion: If you roughly stick to the following rules, it is not difficult to find the right carpet for the children’s room: Child-friendly in terms of colors and design as well as good materials and the right shape for your own four walls.

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