Central Vacuum System: Necessary for Modern Life

Modern technology contributes to increasing the quality of life. Smart homes can reduce the ecological footprint. Automated heating systems ensure a better room climate and thus contribute to health. Intelligent locking mechanisms for shutters, doors, and garages increase security. Fridges communicate with smartphones and voice assistants and make weekly shopping easier. Washer-dryer combination devices and dishwashers take on the most time-consuming chores. And with a central vacuum cleaner, even the last of all arduous evils becomes a piece of cake. And this is how it works:

Before the Central Vacuum Cleaner Starts to Work:

Good planning is essential when installing a central suction system. To keep the renovation measures, costs, and dirt within limits, it is advisable to consider implementing a central vacuum system when planning a new building.

The heart of the system is the vacuum pump. The central vacuum cleaner is operated via this. From here, a network of vacuum pipes is laid throughout the house. The pipes open into base suction nozzles. Later they are the only visible parts of the central vacuum.

A collecting container on the vacuum pump catches all the dust particles. The vacuum tubes are laid under plaster. The suction nozzles themselves are strategically distributed per room and corridor. The number of these depends on how angular the house is, how many rooms there are and how long the suction hose is selected.

Central Vacuum Cleaner: The Advantages

Anyone who has ever been annoyed about the cable and constantly changing the plug of a conventional vacuum cleaner will love the central suction system. Power is supplied by the electric pump in the basement or garage. With the central vacuum cleaner, you only have to attach the suction hose to the respective nozzle. The trouble with vacuum cleaner cables that are too short is a thing of the past.

But there is also no need to carry and pull the vacuum cleaner over stairs and around corners. That saves your back. A central vacuum cleaner contributes indirectly to better health. This also applies to the air in the room. In contrast to normal vacuum cleaners, no particles flutter or flutter around with a central vacuum cleaner. And another bonus is that there are no unpleasant odors, like with vacuum cleaner bags.

Because the motor of the central vacuum cleaner is optionally located in the garage, storage room, or basement, vacuuming is very quiet, unlike conventional vacuum cleaners. Despite regulation, these often reach a volume of 80 decibels. This is comparable to the background noise in heavy traffic. In comparison: with the central vacuum cleaner, you can only hear a faint hissing noise.

The central vacuum cleaner scores further plus points in terms of service life – this is significantly higher than with normal house vacuum cleaners -, in terms of suction power – no loss of suction power even when the collecting container fills up – and in the cleaning frequency – the collecting container catches more dirt and therefore has to be emptied less often become. A central vacuum cleaner can also add to the value of the property.

Such a system is available from specialist retailers for 1,500 dollars.

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