Christmas Decorations for Small Houses and Apartments

Small apartments or houses have their very own charm. In the big cities, it is becoming increasingly necessary to reduce space. And with an increasing number of single households, one-room apartments are an indispensable part of any city or townscape. Simultaneously, the trend towards a deliberately small lifestyle is not ebbing, and so-called tiny houses are still rising.

While small apartments are wonderfully comfortable and a real paradise for those who don’t like cleaning, they can quickly appear crowded and overloaded because they are easy to keep clean. Especially when it comes to festive decorations. Just because little space is available does not automatically mean you have to do without a Christmas atmosphere at home. There are just a few things to keep in mind.

Decorate the Window for Christmas

There is little space on the floor or on the walls for Christmas decorations; windows are the ideal alternative. On the one hand, candles and lanterns with winter decorations can be placed in the window. On the other hand, you can create a beautiful indirect light source and stimulate a festive feeling with LED light chains or light tubes attached along with the frame. Curtains with a red and white Vichy pattern also exude a Christmas flair. If you want, you can equip these curtains with fir branches or small Christmas tree balls. This Christmas decoration for the windows is an inexpensive and space-saving way to create a festive mood in small rooms.

Down-To-Earth Christmas Decorations

Underestimated, overlooked, and ignored: the floor offers so much potential. Simply swap the runner in the hallway and living room for a carpet with a Christmas motif over the holidays. Floor mats in front of the apartment, balcony, and front door can also bring the Christmas spirit to small apartments and houses in this way.

This trick also works in the bathroom, by the way. A bath rug set with winter or Christmas patterns and a matching shower curtain, and the festively decorated bathroom is ready.

Hang up Festive Wreaths and Arrangements

No space for a lush Advent wreath? How about a Christmas arrangement or wreath for walls and doors? Maybe one or the other picture or painting can be temporarily stored and make room for Christmas decor?

It gets a little more creative when decorated fir branches and Christmas tree balls hang from the ceiling at different heights. So neither wall accessories have to give way, nor the already small space on the tables and sideboards have to be sacrificed for the arrangements.

Dodge Outside

Balcony, terrace, garden, or a small piece of land around the cozy little house? Then it is important to use this room for the Christmas decorations. If you have to hold back inside for reasons of space, you should let off steam outside.

Decorated fir garlands over the windows. Arrangements and wreaths on the walls. Red bows, snowflake decor, and fairy lights for the outdoors. A small, illuminated, and decorated Christmas tree – or any other attractive, hardy plant is available. Mailboxes and banisters wrapped with chains and decorative threads. If you have little opportunity to put up Christmas decorations in your apartment or house, you should use the space offered by the stairwell, balcony, and front yard. This also includes, for example, fences, gates, or garden sheds.

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