Cleaning the Carpet Effectively with Home Remedies

Expensive products from the organic shop or the drugstore are unnecessary for cleaning carpets, but chemicals can be dispensed with. The particles from chemical products settle in the room air over time and get through the respiratory tract into animals and humans’ lungs. This poses a serious risk, especially for children.

Therefore, in this article, we will concentrate on cleaning with home remedies. Because by spring at the latest, carpet cleaning is necessary again. It is time to free the carpet of stains, dust, and dirt.

The Possibilities of Baking Powder

Baking soda can actually help with carpet stains and soiling. In general, baking soda is considered to be the miracle cure in the household! The baking powder is sprinkled over the stain (or all over the carpet), and now hot water is added – but please be careful! Because if there should be a mishap, then a new carpet has to be bought. Because this is hardly possible due to the current exit restrictions imposed by Covid-19, there is only one option: buy carpets online. Unfortunately, lukewarm water is not that effective. Only hot water can open the pores of the material (fiber pores). But if the water is already boiling, then it’s definitely too hot.

After a few hours have passed, the carpet can now be carefully dabbed, and the stain should be gone for good.

Carpet Cleaning with Mineral Water

Mineral water can also remove coarse soiling. But that does not mean that all stains can be easily removed with mineral water. According to experience reports, this tip works for coffee stains and red wine drops if mineral water is added immediately.

If the stains are older, it is better to use baking powder as an all-purpose weapon. If necessary, professional carpet cleaning can also take care of it. As a rule, only natural cleaning agents are used, and chemical products are no longer used.

Detergent for thorough cleaning of a carpet

This tip works for almost every carpet! A powder organic detergent can be used for thorough cleaning of a carpet. A colored carpet should always be treated with a color detergent and a light-colored carpet with a white detergent.

The thorough cleaning will ensure that the carpet looks new, as even deep dirt is loosened and it smells good again. It is hardly noticeable in larger rooms, but a carpet does develop an unpleasant odor over time, which is why a thorough cleaning once a quarter or six months is recommended – depending on use.

Can the miracle cure soda also be used for carpets?

Last but not least, the wonder drug baking soda. It is not missing in any household and is ideal for cleaning all objects and furniture – but is baking soda also suitable for carpets? Absolutely! The carpet smells pleasantly after the treatment, while in contrast to treatment with vinegar water, it would still smell rather sour for a few days afterward.

To use: The baking soda should be sprinkled over the carpet and moistened with water. This works great with a spray bottle. This should only contain water because other ingredients could damage the material if the worst came to the worst. After the carpet has been sprayed well, the carpet needs to dry. The powder’s residues can then be removed by vacuuming with a vacuum cleaner, and the carpet shines with a new shine.

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