Color Concepts in Decoration: These Colors Go Together

Fresh green meets soft rosé, calm beige complements elegant black: A well-thought-out color concept brings harmony into your rooms and is wonderfully exciting at the same time.

Country house, Scandi, or minimalism – the furnishing style influences how our rooms look. But the selected colors are also decisive for the overall picture. If these are thrown together, they often do not develop their full potential. Only with a color concept can you make furniture, wall colors, decorations, and accessories shine. You can play with the exciting contrast of dominant tones and cleverly placed color accents. Or you can furnish yourself with pastel nuances that complement each other perfectly. We have selected the most beautiful color pairs for you – let yourself be inspired!

Elegant and Delicate: Green Meets Rosé

What makes the combination so unique: The noble forest green takes the girlish look away from the pink and creates an adult look. At the same time, the green tone exudes calm and naturalness – the perfect match for the romantic pastel nuance.

This color concept goes well in the bedroom. A bed made of lush green velvet is a great eye-catcher. You can also combine decorative pillows, bed linen, and curtains in a soft pink shade. If you paint the wall at the head end in a relaxed shade of green, you are sure to slumber particularly deeply.

Accessories such as green plants, gold-framed mirrors in Art Deco design, and floral patterns round off the sophisticated style. For textiles, rely on flowing materials such as silk and velvet. A delicate dash of color is a deep-pile rug in a shade of gray.

Noble and Powerful: Black Enriches Beige

If strong black comes into play as an accent, beige makes it shine. Because the restrained tone suddenly looks glamorous in this combination. At the same time, it takes away the heaviness and seriousness of black.

This mix puts your living room in the limelight. Beige-colored seating furniture, curtains, and a light carpet can complement a black sideboard, a floor lamp, or a side table. If you are not quite so brave, you can try anthracite; it is less tough. The color concept is ideal for a retro living room with furniture in mid-century design.

Decorative objects such as candlesticks or table lamps made of brass or black and gold are nice. Graphic prints look high quality and chic on the wall. A carpet made of faux fur and decorative pillows made of natural materials or cord underlines the warm note of the beige tone. Color accents in natural white make the look even softer.

Dreamy and Natural: Blue and Sand as A Duo

The combination of sea blue and sand tones is reminiscent of dunes, water, beach, and a light breeze. In short: on a perfect vacation day. If you like it relaxed and uncomplicated at home, this color concept is exactly the right choice.

This duo beautifies almost all rooms. The mix creates lively, homely vibes in the kitchen or study. Implement it with wall paint in delicate light blue or intense azure blue. A light, rather simple wooden furniture goes well with this, for example, a small dining area, shelves, or a linear desk. As a furnishing style, Modern Scandi, in particular, complements this color concept.

Carpets, seat cushions, and dishes in sand tones complete the look. Home textiles are made of natural materials such as sisal, linen, or wool. Fresh cut flowers in simple glass vases or carafes and baskets and trays made of raffia or bamboo look good as decoration.

Soft and Radiant: White Complements Powder Tones

Soft nuances such as old pink and beige in combination with delicate off-white are casual and feminine. However, this “soft blush” look has nothing to do with little girls’ rooms; it is far too sophisticated for that.

This color combination is perfect for a fresh, cheerful bedroom. Use the dusty pink as sparingly as possible so that it doesn’t get cheesy. A bed or an armchair are suitable as a statement piece of furniture. A wall in powdery beige is also allowed. If you have enough space, you can also set up a make-up corner. In the living room, combine soft blush with medium brown wood to look too lovely. A sofa made of cognac-colored leather, for example, is wonderful.

Avoid floral patterns and pink in the decoration. Modern accessories in organic shapes are more stylish: a large vase with pampas grass or filigree sideboards and side tables in retro style with slightly flared legs. Details in gold also complement the look.

Classic Pair of Opposites: Black and White

Furnishing in black and white is a classic that swears by contrasts. It is precisely through their contrast that the two tones bring harmony and structure into your rooms. A look for everyone who likes it timeless and classy.

If the furniture remains simple, carpets, walls, dishes, or decorative pillows can stand out. Feel free to work with patterns such as ornaments and stripes. Deco and accessories with a marble look are elegant.

The base color for this look is white. A dark table in your dining area or black seating sets a strong color accent. Pay attention to clear lines and shapes; the black and white look focuses on the essentials.

Award-Winning Double: “Illuminating” and “Ultimate Gray”

Sunny yellow and subtle gray go together so well that they even became the Pantone Colors in 2021. The duo is grounded and, at the same time, provides bright accents. Sun yellow symbolizes the confidence with which we can look to a hopefully stable future.

You can create a radiant oasis of well-being in your living room with yellow seating furniture. Or you can style sun-yellow throw pillows and curtains to create a restrained gray couch. A gray painted wall is calming and harmonizes with every furnishing style. Yellow wall paint is ideal for the kitchen or bathroom. The furniture then remains in shades of gray or fresh white.

With decoration and accessories in sun yellow, you can set specific highlights. Plant pots, home textiles, or picture frames – just a few splashes of color give your rooms that certain something. The brave dare to try a yellow sideboard or a showcase in industrial style.

Individual Color Concepts: From Color Blocking to Tone on Tone

The power of colors creates a home that suits your taste. Do you like strong contrasts? Then trust the signaling effect of color blocking. If you are more comfortable with soft nuances, then furnish yourself with pastel or tone-on-tone. It often takes a while to find your personal color favorites. Take your time, experiment, and give yourself a new coat of paint more often. This is how you find out what goes together – and which color combinations you want to live with.

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