Cozy Industrial * Factory Look with A Cozy Atmosphere

Original, honest, masculine – and at the same time cozy: With Cozy Industrial, you can give the clean loft ambiance a cozy touch. Soft carpets, natural wooden furniture, and many candles create a successful contrast to the steel and metal decorating.

Industrial Style with An Extra Dose of Comfort

What we understand by industrial style today began as early as the 1940s in Great Britain and the USA. There, artists and creative people, in particular, used vacant industrial and factory facilities as studios. Later these were converted into stylish lofts. Exposed pipes, bare concrete, or exposed brick walls created an unfinished, raw and original look.

Cozy Industrial Stands for A Mix of Materials

Decorating made of steel, metal or concrete is typical of the classic industrial style. Furniture in warm wood tones such as pine, oak or walnut creates a successful contrast. Solid wood ensures a pleasant room climate and creates a cozy atmosphere in your four walls. A wooden dining table in front of an exposed brick wall or furniture that combines wood and concrete fit perfectly into your living room with a cozy industrial look.

Glass gives your industrial style an elegant touch. A coffee table with a glass top and a noble metal frame for a chic vintage leather sofa enhances your interior. Do you like it a little more comfortable? Soft upholstered furniture with fabric or cord cover is more cuddly than leather – perfect for long afternoons reading or a series marathon for two.

Motley Makes Fun

Strong colors such as blue, green, or petrol conjure up a cozy ambiance in your home – whether as furniture, textiles, or decorative elements. They offer a change from the dark, gray, or metal-colored industrial furniture.

Colorful accents spice up your rooms and exude liveliness. A lush green houseplant in a concrete-look flower pot, for example, immediately attracts everyone’s attention and demonstrates a sense of style.

Tones such as mustard yellow, orange or dark red harmonize particularly well with home decorating in a vintage industrial style.

Cozy Industrial: Must-Have Home Accessories for The Finishing Touch

The factory style is original, raw, and unfinished in its basic tendency – but decoration should still not be missing. Cozy Industrial, in particular, includes accessories that make your interior a touch cozier.

Jewelry for The Floor

Rustic skins or colorful oriental carpets round off the industrial style. Whether parquet, linoleum, or tiles – they always look good and make every room look cozy. They also prevent it from reverberating too much in large rooms with high ceilings.

Protected from Prying Eyes

Light cotton or linen curtains are practical because nobody can look into your room. In bright colors, they set eye-catching accents; in a simple white or light gray, they stay in the background. Either way – fabrics made from natural materials create a friendly and inviting impression.

Time to Cuddle

Textiles such as throw pillows, blankets, and table runners are a must-have for the cozy industrial style. A throw on the leather couch, a couple of colorful cushions on the concrete bench, or table decorations on the coffee table – these small living accessories make a room cozy.

A Soft Glow

Romantic, atmospheric, cozy – candles are almost a synonym for coziness. They look particularly stylish in candle holders made of copper, gold, or silver. Candles on your chest of drawers with concrete elements or the old wine barrel that you use as a coffee table fit wonderfully into the overall picture.

Cozy Industrial: Courage for Experiments

You decide for yourself how much cozy your clean loft ambiance can take. Three decorative pillows are enough; others want to make their rooms as comfortable as possible in an industrial style. Trust your taste and try what you like best.

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