Decorate Bar Trolleys: Cocktails Perfectly Staged

Sip, Sip, Hooray! Even mocktail fans can hardly resist the charm of a stylishly decorated bar cart. Whether retro look, minimalist Scandi design or ornate vintage – design your very own mobile bar.

Decorate a Bar Cart in Your Style

A perfect drink is so much more than its ingredients. Ornate glasses, the clink of ice cubes, and a stylish ambiance are simply part of Whiskey Sour, Bloody Mary, or Virgin Colada.

You can easily bring this extraordinary atmosphere into your own four walls: by setting the scene for a bar cart with elegant tumblers, elegant shakers, and special accessories. Let yourself be inspired by our styles and decoration tips and declare the trendy bar open.

Decorating the Bar Trolley: The Basic Equipment

The focus is on the bar trolley itself. You should like it first and foremost – but it also goes well with the rest of the interior. Most models have two shelves for bottles, glasses, and accessories. A removable base that becomes a tray is convenient.

Increase the service life of your mobile home bar and cover glass surfaces with a washable pad. Of course, you can also permanently place a nice tray on the trolley.

Must-haves for every good bartender include a cocktail shaker, a mixing glass with a bar spoon, and a measuring cup. It looks particularly harmonious when these utensils complement the style of the bar cart.

It goes without saying that you also need a large selection of glasses. The basics include long drink glasses and tumblers (these are slightly smaller glasses with a thick base and straight rim). If you like to drink whiskey or cognac, you should also buy tulip-shaped swivel glasses.

Napkins, cocktail skewers, and a lemon squeezer belong in every house bar. Coasters are also useful if you fill the glass a tad too full.

Home Bar Trolley: This Is how The Look Is Perfect

Empty bottles with special labels become a bar trolley decoration if you decorate them with a string of lights. Nostalgic glass carafes, into which you can transfer your favorite spirits, are also stylish.

Pretty bowls and saucers look chic and offer space for small snacks. Cocktail cherries, limes, and the like also fit in for decoration.

Write the evening’s drinks in chalk on an inviting blackboard. Or let lettering boards do the talking with funny toasts.

A pretty vase with fresh-cut flowers embellishes every home bar. Long-lasting alternative: ornamental grasses and ferns, which are currently very popular.

Play with classic decor rules. Place bottles with long necks diagonally – for example, on the bottom left, on the top right. Or arrange tall objects next to deep ones. This creates harmony and makes your bar trolley particularly stylish.

Your serving trolley gets a classic home in the living room. Make sure that it gets along with the carpet. Small wheels like to get caught in a shaggy pile. Your house bar will also find a worthy place in the hallway or the dining area – fortunately, it is mobile. And in summer, she just walks out onto the terrace.

Which Bar Trolley Styling Suits You?

A bar cart with organic curves or a geometric, reduced shape is suitable for your retro living room. Dark, noble wood or gold take up the midcentury look of the TV series Mad Men. A must for this car is a decoration in retro style.

A classic, simple model in white or pastel completes your Scandinavian design. Here the decoration can be particularly colorful, for example, with carafes and glasses in different nuances.

An ornate car with oversized wheels will appeal to fans of vintage and shabby looks. It becomes particularly stylish when the light color crumbles a little.

Models made of untreated wood or other natural materials are cozy and rustic. A tropical variant of the Natural Style is a serving trolley made of bamboo or rattan.

Rough factory charm comes into your four walls with a metal bar cart. The used look and dark colors further enhance the charm of the vintage industry.

Even More Feel-Good Corners with A Special Flair

Decorating a bar trolley complements your interior stylishly and individually. It creates a place for you to relax and enjoy yourself – alone or with friends and family. And if cappuccino and flat white are your big passions, you can also create a lovingly decorated coffee corner.

Do you need more decoration ideas and tips? Let yourself be inspired by our 1×1 of decorating!

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