Decorate the Dining Room – A Place to Enjoy and Linger

“Restless food is bad for digestion” – William Shakespeare already knew that. The right dining room furniture works wonders. With our tips, you can decorate your dining room so that it perfectly meets your needs.

Decorate the Dining Room: Perfectly Tailored to Your Needs

In the past, every respectable household had a separate room where they took meals: the dining room. Relatively small and “presentably” decorated, this room often exuded formality instead of casual coziness. Today, most floor plans are more open – the dining room has become a dining area integrated into the living area. Often it even flows smoothly into the kitchen.

The dining room decorations have since wanted to be planned even better. Because, of course, the living room, dining area, and kitchen shouldn’t look like a colorful jumble but rather create a harmonious whole. So choose your dining room furniture wisely.

The following applies to a small, separate dining room: limit yourself to the essentials. A rectangular or oval dining table, dainty chairs, and a console table at most – probably nothing more will fit into your small dining room anyway. It is better to keep your dishes in the kitchen or a stunning showcase in the living room. Light walls and a white table reflect the light and make the room appear larger.

Are you lucky enough to be able to decorate a closed, large dining room? Congratulations – you can let off steam here! A wall in dark red or with an opulent pattern wallpaper makes the room inviting. Decorate your dining room with an expansive table, comfortable upholstered chairs, an elegant sideboard, and, on top of that, a beautiful display cabinet.

Is your dining area open and spacious? Then there is enough space for a rectangular or oval table. If you opt for a wooden table, use the same type of wood as for your living room furniture – it looks more harmonious. You can visually separate your dining area from the living room with an open shelf, a screen (room divider), or another wall color.

Do you only have a small dining area? An extendable table is the best solution here. In everyday life, it cuts a fine figure like a square, space-saving miracle. When guests come, he stretches out into the living room. A low sideboard and wall shelves appear airier than a sideboard and still offer storage space.

Single Household, Family Dining Room, or A Hospitable House?

Choose your dining room furniture to suit your living situation. If you are single, live in a small apartment, and like to go out to eat, all you need is a practical folding table on the wall and two chairs. A table should be at least 120 meters long for a family of four, but an extendable table that can accommodate spontaneous visitors is better. Opt for a more extended table and comfortable upholstered chairs if you regularly have guests and enough space.

Which Decorating Style Suits Your Dining Room?

The Modern Dining Room

Simple, tidy, and beautiful – everything is in its place in the modern dining room. A rectangular table made of glass, stone, or a coated wooden top fits this style. In addition, the same upholstered chairs in gray or beige and a straight sideboard – perfect. If you like it a bit more conspicuous, choose solid colors for the walls.

The Rustic Dining Room

Rustic dining room furniture made of solid wood dominates the country house style. A dining table – preferably in white and made of wood – is simply a must here. There is also a rustic corner bench, a wool carpet, and textiles in white-blue or red. The icing on the cake: a showcase in a shabby look in which you can proudly display your good china and your nostalgic crystal glasses.

The Industrial Style Dining Room

A solid actual wood panel on a heavy, black metal frame – the industrial-style table dominates the room in the dining room decorating. With its used look, it is reminiscent of a workbench. Perfect for families, because scratches only make it more beautiful! Chairs made of metal or leather go well with it; they become cozy with furs.

The Classically Elegant Dining Room

Do you like something more classy? Comfortable upholstered chairs, a long table that disappears under a crisp white tablecloth on special occasions, and a representative sideboard match the classically elegant style. Candlesticks made of brass or silver cut glasses and exquisite porcelain in a stunning showcase set stylish accents in this dining room furniture.

Choosing the Right Table for The Dining Room

The most crucial piece of your dining room furniture is, of course, the dining table. It is the linchpin of your everyday family life, the communicative center of your home. Our tip: Invest some time in looking for the perfect table – and if in doubt, invest a little more than settle for a compromise. After all, you, your family, and your guests will spend many hours at your dining room table over the years.

It would help if you clarified these questions before buying:

  • How many people should there be at the dining table in everyday life?
  • How many guests need additional dining areas?
  • Which shape best suits your space and needs?
  • Which material goes well with your decorating style?

How to calculate the size of your dining table: Calculate 24 inches width and 24 inches depth for each seat. For bowls, pans and pots, add another 8 inches in the middle. So that your guests don’t bump their knees, your dining table should be 32 to 40 inches wide. A comfortable table height is between 29 and 31 inches. The matching dining room chairs should be 12 inches away from the lower edge of the tabletop.

You stay flexible with an extending table. However, you have to dig a little deeper into your pocket for an excellent extendable dining room table, e.g., made of solid wood. However, there are also inexpensive alternatives in wood optics or made of plastic. Another alternative is a folding table at the same height, which can find in everyday life in a storage room or the basement.

A table made of solid wood is sustainable, hygienic, exceptionally robust, and therefore very durable. It improves the indoor climate and conjures up a warm, cozy ambiance. Solid wood dining tables have character thanks to their grain and become more and more beautiful with age. Of course, it doesn’t have to stay with the wooden dining table – there are great options for decorating the entire dining room in solid wood. Let yourself be inspired!

These Must-Haves Are Part of Every Dining Room Interior:

  • Benches and chairs, with large tables like comfortably upholstered and with armrests
  • A sideboard or a dresser, also practical for decorative accessories such as a pretty fruit bowl
  • A showcase for beautiful dishes and glasses
  • Optional: a carpet

You Should Avoid These Mistakes when Decorating Your Dining Room

  • Banish the television from the dining room; it is too distracting.
  • Too much decoration and odds and ends are disturbing. Tip: make everything disappear in a pretty basket.
  • Instead of a single ceiling lamp, several light sources create a cozy atmosphere.
  • If the carpet in the dining room is too small, the chairs will wobble – choose a larger model.

The Light Sets the Mood: Which Lamp in The Dining Room?

The suitable dining room lamp is now missing above your dining table. Opt for a hanging lamp. It is approximately at eye level when you are standing. The light sources should bathe food and face in a warm white, flattering light. 3000 Kelvin and a brightness of 200 to 400 lux are ideal.

In addition, additional wall or floor lamps provide sufficient lighting in your dining room. With a dimmer, you can control the lighting mood in the room in a targeted manner.

Color and Decoration in Your Dining Room

Which colors are suitable for your dining room? It depends on the size of your room. The rule of thumb is: the smaller and darker the room, the lighter the colors of the walls, ceiling, textiles, and furniture should be.

Restaurant owners know the delicious effect of warm colors such as yellow, orange, and red and use them deliberately – pay attention to this the next time you go out to eat! These tones activate not only taste buds and digestion but also ensure lively and happy conversations.

Minimalistic, rural, or glamorous: a dining room in white or cream suits almost every style and always invites you to linger. You can give the room an individual touch with colored textiles such as seat cushions and curtains, personal photos as wall design, and loving table decorations.

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