Decorating a Chest of Drawers: Plenty of Storage Space

The inside offers plenty of storage space, while the outside is a real eye-catcher: sideboards and chests of drawers. Decorate the wall cabinets to match your furnishing style – and create the perfect stage for a retro look, Scandinavian design, or cheerful boho style.

Sideboards are not only functional pieces of furniture; they are also real pieces of jewelry – provided you decorate the surfaces very consciously. If you only use it as a storage space for your cell phone, coffee cups, or writing tools, you are wasting potential. Much better: Use decorative elements to underline your own personal furnishing style. We have gathered fresh ideas on how to decorate your dresser.

Decorating the Chest of Drawers: These Are the Basics

Use decoration and home accessories very consciously. In this way, your interior does not appear overloaded, and special individual pieces come into their own. It’s all in the mix: Ensure that the decorative pieces are of different sizes and dare to use a mix of materials. The arrangement already looks wonderfully casual. Do not get too small – otherwise, the individual accessories will quickly look lost. Arrange decorative pieces of a similar color, size, or texture in a group. That makes a harmonious impression. Do you just want to place a statement piece? Then this should never be in the middle but on one of the edges.

You can achieve a harmonious look if the style of the decoration matches the dresser itself. Professionals also play skillfully with opposites, such as an opulent retro vase on the minimalist sideboard. Adapt the decorative objects to the location. In the hallway, this can be a bowl for the keys. In the bedroom, on the other hand, a small lamp with soft light looks good. Drinking glasses and a water carafe are great for your living room.

The Perfect Setting: The Surroundings Must Also Be Right

Strong wall color is an exciting contrast for a chest of drawers made of light wood or white. You can re-record the noticeable sound during the decoration. Those who like it more reserved can opt for a nuance that harmoniously complements the piece of furniture.

Mirrors, framed photos, or abstract prints are the perfect backdrop for a beautiful dresser. The more accessories you attach to the wall, the more reserved the decorative pieces will be on the sideboard.

Put your sideboard in the spotlight with LED light strips. These indirect light sources create a cozy ambiance and make the room cozy. Indoor plants, poufs, or floor vases are ideal neighbors for your chest of drawers. Note that these pieces of furniture vary in height.

Proven: Classics for Sideboard Decoration

An elegant table lamp fits on every chest of drawers. Models in flattering organic shapes with a retro look are exquisite. Extravagant: lights with a glass shade. Vases in different shapes and made of different materials are decorative all-rounder. Whether you like it simple and straight or expansive and romantic is a matter of taste.

A tray with cognac glasses and an ice crusher gives your sideboard a touch of glamor à la Hollywood. Of course, you can also decorate your own bar cart instead.

Individual Decoration: A Chest of Drawers in Your Style

Chest drawers in a country house style go well with a model with clear lines, light colors, and a rustic look. A vase with fresh-cut flowers, a wooden tray, family photos in a wooden frame, or atmospheric candles is perfect.

A sideboard made of steel or metal can handle vintage industrial decoration: a table lamp in cool black, cacti, or tin signs that lean casually against the wall. An espresso machine in Italian design and matching cups complete the whole thing.

You can combine lanterns or large yellow glass vases with the chest of drawers in an ethnic look. Colors such as bottle green, shades of brown or dark red are authentic. A tray or coaster made of mosaic, sisal, and raffia also complements the cheerful boho style.

Do you want to pimp your sideboard in a natural style? Hold back on the decoration. A large bowl in a pastel shade or small wooden baskets are ideal. A table lamp made of a light wood with flared legs also complements the Scandinavian design.

The retro-style decoration looks good with the mid-century dresser. For example, a sixties table lamp in gold, a graphic art print, or slim wooden figures. Retro radios are stylish – they are now also available with modern additional functions such as Bluetooth.

Decorating a Chest of Drawers, Pimping Shelves or Designing a Side Table: The Icing on The Cake for Every Facility

Is the sideboard decorated? You are sure to find other pieces of furniture that you can put the finishing touches on. Let yourself be inspired by our 1×1 of decorating and find out why a common thread is important when arranging your home accessories. A lovingly decorated side table or individual shelf styling also beautify your home. The great thing about it: You can create a completely new look with small changes – try it out!

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