Decorating Children’s Rooms – Their Realm for Your Kids

When decorating the children’s room for your offspring, rely on furniture that grows with them. And decorative elements that can easily exchange. This furniture gives your kids space to develop and create an area where they feel entirely at ease.

From Baby Room to Children’s Room

Children grow so fast. One moment they are still lying peacefully in your arms and sleeping – and the next, they are walking lively through the apartment. At the latest, when your little one arrives in kindergarten, it is high time for you to transform the baby’s room into a children’s room. Whether the decorating in the children’s room match the rest of the home is less important. The realm of your children stands on its own and can be designed the way your sweetheart likes it.

This does not mean that you inevitably have to dispose of all the furniture from the previous baby’s room and buy a completely new facility for the child’s room. Can easily integrate one of the other pieces of furniture into the new children’s room. For example, are the changing table and the nappy cabinet in neutral white? Excellent! You already have the first two cabinets for toys. You can pick up a brush and spice up the old furniture to match the new decorating style in an emergency.

For Safe Romp

Once your offspring is really in a playful mood, it is likely to be unstoppable. No parents in the world can prevent children from injuring themselves when they run around. So that you can still let your whirlwind play carefree, you should take some precautions when designing the children’s room.

A Soft Landing

On the bed, down on the floor, and all over again. While playing, your little ones will become true climbing artists. The most common cause of injuries is, therefore, falls. A soft floor is recommended so that your children do not injure themselves too much. Floor coverings made of cork or carpets are suitable for this.

Pollutant-Free Furniture

When designing the baby’s room, you made sure that the furniture was free of toxic pollutants. If you reuse it in another form, this is a perfect start. Solid wood is particularly recommended for new pieces of furniture, as it is hardly processed with harmful varnishes and glues. Should you still use lacquered furniture, set up the furniture in another room and steam it out overnight. This will prevent the artificial smells from spreading in the nursery.

Typical Boys, Typical Girls? Can Do Anything. Nothing Has to Be.

Can’t the children’s room be colorful enough for your sweetheart? Nevertheless, keep in mind that too many colors make the nursery restless. We, therefore, recommend that you limit yourself to one color for the walls.

The most popular color for boys’ rooms is still blue and for girls’ rooms pink. But in addition to the classics, numerous tones spread a good mood in the children’s room. Does your child already have their favorite color? Very good. Go to the needs of your favorite and design the room to his favorite place.

Tip: In terms of the wall color as well as decoration and furniture, less is more. The furniture, the various toys, and the ornaments make the children’s room look very colorful. Therefore, you should limit yourself to one wall with brightly colored wall paint and combine it with neutral tones. White, beige, or a light gray go wonderfully and make the children’s room appear calmer.

Even a Neutral Room Is a Nice Room

Does your child not have a favorite color yet? No problem. The perfect opportunity for you to decorate the new children’s room away from the typical gender colors and match the room’s atmosphere to your child’s well-being. Colors have very different effects on people. Even more so on children, as they behave more intuitively than adults. For example, green is a shade that is perfect for a neutral nursery. It suits both boys and girls and encourages your child’s zest for action. In addition, the color triggers a feeling of security and safety.

One Child Becomes Two. What to Do?

Is your family’s happiness growing? Is there a second child? The big brother or sister should now share a room with the new family member. For you, this means: again, a redesign of the children’s room is pending.

Make No Distinctions

Before you begin any major rearranging, it’s important not to make your older sweetheart feel like something is being taken away from them. Show your older child that their new kingdom will be just as beautiful as it was before. Include your sweetheart in the planning and design. For example, he can help paint with a small brush or a paint roller. Children love to play with color. In this way, your offspring feel that they are contributing an essential part to the design and will be proud of themselves and their work.

The Be-All and End-All – Lots of Storage Space

After the color, it’s the turn of the furniture again. Because two children mean more clothes, more toys, and more clutter, make sure you have as much storage space as possible to accommodate everything in the children’s room.

Whether there are storage boxes, baskets, or buckets in the cupboards – they will make tidying up a lot easier for you and your children.

Time for Yourself

Despite the great love of siblings, every child needs a place of retreat. A place where it can only be for itself. This can be, for example, the bed or a comfortable armchair to snuggle into.

If the size of the children’s room allows it, it is advisable to separate the room to identify your children’s common and private areas.

Decorating a Children’s Room: Many Possibilities – One Goal

Designing a beautiful children’s room may take a bit of planning – but it is also a lot of fun, especially when your offspring helps. So the renovation turns into valuable family time. Because with all the possibilities, the many wall colors, and pieces of furniture, you have a common goal: the perfect kingdom for your kids.

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