Decorating Ideas for Your Small Living Room: Save Space

Bright colors, indirect lighting, and space-saving furniture: with the right tips and tricks, your small living room suddenly looks big. Learn how to save space and decorate the room in style at the same time.

Whether you are watching TV with your family, having a coffee with your friends, or reading on the sofa – when you decorate your living room, you will quickly notice that you spend a lot of time in the small room. And in doing so, you have very different occupations. With our ideas, you can optimize the few square meters, create more space and create a stylish and cozy atmosphere.

Design Walls: Light Colors and Horizontal Stripes

White, beige, cream – light colors make small rooms appear larger. So paint the walls in your small living room in soft tones. Combine color-matched furniture, either tone on tone or in light wood tones such as birch or beech. In this way, you create a natural and harmonious atmosphere. In addition, the room appears inviting, friendly, and flooded with light. This room is where you, your family, and your friends enjoy staying. Of course, you can set individual dark accents to contrast the light base: for example, with dark picture frames, a wooden figure in an African design, or an antique side table made of acacia wood. Thus, it allows you to make your living room varied and exciting.

Is all in white too boring for you? Then decorate one or more walls in your living room with horizontal stripes. These make the room appear more comprehensive than it is. Either paint a strip or stick a border on the wall – or you can use wallpaper with a striped pattern.

Clever Decorating: The Right Furniture for Your Small Living Room

First of all, think about what individual needs your living room should meet: For example, do you have a here pet? Or do you need a play area for your children? Perhaps you also want to use the room specifically as a home cinema – then your couch, as the most crucial piece of furniture, forms the center and can be a little more expansive. However, small amounts of furniture fit into a small living room. Choose slim, delicate, and filigree pieces without bulky cupboards, huge sofa landscapes, or oversized dining tables. These fill out your few square meters immediately.

Versatile: Multifunctional Furniture

Multifunctional furniture is perfect for small rooms. They save space and are designed so that they serve different purposes: For example, you can use a coffee table with drawers as a shelf and storage space at the same time. All your friends fit around a fold-out dining table without it filling up the entire room on a day-to-day basis. You can quickly and easily convert a sofa bed into a bed if necessary – and you can even accommodate guests in your small living room.

Perfect Fit: Furniture for Corners and Niches

Regardless of whether your living room has a sloping roof, a bay window, or other architectural features – use this space too. Corner shelves offer you additional storage space for your books, games, or your DVD collection. Measure precisely how big a piece of furniture can be so that it fits under the sloping ceiling or exactly fills a niche.

Aiming High: Building Upwards

Your living room may be narrow and small – but does your apartment have high ceilings? If it is high, it is a massive advantage in any room of several square meters: Make the most of this valuable storage space by choosing shelves or cupboards that reach the ceiling. If you have a lot of books, open shelving is a good idea. With a comfortable armchair and a floor lamp in front of it, you can transform your small living room into a cozy reading corner. Do you need additional storage space for tablecloths, dishes, or odds and ends? Then choose a closed living room cabinet or a shelf with storage boxes. You can stow everything in it, and the heart of your apartment looks tidy and tidy.

When choosing your furniture, select the favorite pieces that you need. Avoid filling up every inch, no matter how small, otherwise the room can quickly become cluttered and chaotic. It is better to leave a little more space between the individual decorating. Also, place your furniture in your living room to flush with the top or bottom edges of windows and doors. Thus, it creates clear lines, the room appears more spacious, and you skillfully put your home accessories in the limelight.

Lights On: Lighting and Its Effect

A small lamp, significant effect: the proper lighting in the living room decides whether the heart of your four walls is cozy and inviting. Living experts differentiate between direct and indirect lighting:

  • Direct lighting means that light shines straight into the room. For example, it applies to a reading lamp. Natural light sources provide bright light and are therefore perfect for working. Direct sunlight also creates shadows. These unique highlight pieces of your living room are decorated in a contrasting manner from the background.
  • Indirect lighting, on the other hand, provides warm, soft light. This is because the light sources are aimed at the ceiling or wall. They reflect the morning – so it shines indirectly into the room. The brightness is distributed evenly in all directions, has a calming effect, and creates a harmonious atmosphere.

In a small living room, you should rely primarily on indirect lighting, as it not only provides more comfort but also makes the room appear larger.

You can also position several slim, discreet lights distributed around the room – for example, a reading lamp next to the armchair, a hanging lamp above the coffee table, and a floor lamp next to the television. Many different light sources allow you to vary the lighting depending on the occasion – and let your living room shine in bright light even on dark winter nights. You can also do without curtains in front of the windows. The unobstructed view outside suggests space, while at the same time, natural light penetrates unhindered into the room. Both of this help make the room appear larger.

Inspirational Decorating Ideas for Your Small Living Room

As with furniture, the same applies to decorative elements in small rooms: less is more. Instead of cluttering your small living room with an abundance of home accessories, limit yourself to your favorite pieces. A modern print in a black frame on the wall, a noble vase on the otherwise empty chest of drawers, or a self-embroidered pillow on the reading chair, for example, set exciting accents. With a direct light source that points to your valuable decorative elements, you lead the eyes of your visitors inconspicuously in this direction and skilfully distract them from the small number of square meters. In addition, use specific home decoration that visually enlarges your living space.

Horizontal Stripes Make You Wide

This rule doesn’t just apply to clothing. T-shirts, sweaters, or skirts with horizontal stripes are always in fashion, but they are a no-go for many because they look wide. A striped accessory is precisely the right thing for your small living room. It can be thought of as a rug that you will preferably put in the middle of the room. And suddenly, you felt like twice as much space. Ensure that the carpet is made of a natural material and that the color matches your walls and furniture. Thus, it can create a stylish overall picture.

Mirror Mirror on The Wall

A big mirror in the small living room? Necessarily! The next time you go to the supermarket, watch out for the mirrors when you take something off the refrigerated shelf. They simulate additional space where there isn’t any. This effect also benefits your living room. In addition, the mirrors reflect the natural light that shines through the window, making the room brighter. So that the mirror can optimally absorb the light and reflect it into the room, it is best to hang it opposite the window or on the wall to the side.

Room Dividers and Openwork Walls

If you have the option of replacing a wall from the living room to another room, for example, the kitchen or your bedroom, with window glass – do it. Thus, it gives your apartment a cool industrial-style look and makes the room appear larger. If you live in a one-room apartment and want to separate a mini living room from your sleeping area, a shelf can be used as a room divider.

Light colors, slim furniture, indirect lighting, restrained decoration, and a bit of optical illusion – with the right know-how and a portion of creativity, you can turn your small living room into the big star of your four walls. Create more moments of happiness with friends, family, or a good book.

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