Decorating in The Italian Style: La Dolce Vita Inspirations

Benvenuta Italian way of life: With these furniture and living accessories, “la dolce vita” will also move into your home. Chic design, earthy colors, and natural materials are typical of the Italian style. Let yourself be seduced.

Decorating in The Italian Style

Gucci, Armani, Bulgari – it’s no secret that Italians have good taste and know something about design. And that does not only apply to the fashion sector: Italian furniture and decorative elements also make the hearts of interior fans beat faster at the significant home fairs in Cologne and Milan. But what is typically Italian? One thing in advance: Much more than pasta, pizza, and gelato!

Italian Style: A Tribute to The Mediterranean

The pigment ocher is characteristic of a Mediterranean interior. This earth color is mixed with brown ironstone, clay minerals, quartz, and lime in the Mediterranean area. The tone ranges from yellow to orange and red to brown. This color palette is reminiscent of the exceptional color that the earth has in the south.

A delicate terracotta-colored rose and intense green and blue tones harmonize with this. According to the Pantone color trend, the latter reflects the sea in its diverse nuances and is very popular this year.

Natural materials are typical of Italian design. Popular woods include widespread trees in the Mediterranean, for example, olive, pine, or walnut. Exceptionally stylish for indoors and outdoors: vessels made of terracotta. “Terra cotta” literally means “boiled earth.” The material is one of the oldest in cultural history and is relatively easy to manufacture. Terracotta consists of either iron-containing red or calcareous yellow clay fired once at low temperatures: furniture and home accessories made of rattan, wicker, and marble round off the natural look.

Features of Italian Furniture

A rustic dining table made of solid wood, matching chairs, a checkered tablecloth, and a candlestick? It’s one way of bringing Italian flair into your home. Or you can rely on modern Italian designers. Available, high quality, and chic – this is the best way to describe contemporary Italian style. The pieces of furniture are comfortable and convenient at the same time – for you and your visit. After all, hospitality is significant in Italy.

The heart of the Italian living room is the sofa corner so that everyone who pops by spontaneously finds space. A couch, armchair, and stool made of brown leather or intense shade from the terracotta color palette combine to form a cozy seating area.

The upholstered furniture stands on feet made of wood or metal: This makes it appear more filigree, and the room seems more spacious. Organic shapes in round or oval are just as common as angular furniture.

A Kitchen Full of Passion

Italian dishes are known and loved all over the world. There is nothing Italians like to talk about as much as about the preparation of their favorite dish. That is why the kitchen is the most important place in an Italian home. Here, spices such as rosemary, sage, and basil give off a scent like in the south.

Homemade lasagne and ravioli in sage butter taste even better on ceramic dishes in pastel shades, such as mint green, violet lilac, or a delicate rosé. A stylish espresso maker rounds off your Italian cuisine.

Favorite Pieces in Italian Style

Fancy a short break in the south? With these decorative elements, you can conjure up Italian flair in your four walls in no time at all:

Sour Makes Fun

Whether Limoncello or Scaloppine al Limone – lemons are an integral part of Italian cuisine.

As a motif on tablecloths, as a pattern on serviettes, or as a print in a bright yellow picture frame, they will be an eye-catcher in your home.

A Pattern Made up Of Many Small Stones

Even in ancient times, mosaic tiles decorated the walls and floors of wealthy families.

Today they set beautiful accents as wall decorations in the bathroom, kitchen, or hallway.

Colorful Craftsmanship

Vases, bowls, or decorative figures made of colored Murano glass ensure a good mood. The art of glass blowing has a long tradition in Venice and is world-famous.

In need of even more international living trends? Do we have! Let yourself be inspired, for example, by French elegance or Indian Bollywood glamor.

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