Decorating the Bathroom: Tips for Every Taste

Decorating the bathroom: With our practical tips, you can choose the right decorating, colors, and accessories for your bathroom. In this way, you can turn even the most unadorned room into a stylish retreat for relaxing hours.

Bathroom Furniture: The Right Interior for Your Style

Be it washbasin cabinets or wall shelves: high-quality furniture is the basis of your bathroom decorating and the easiest way to express your living style. It provided that you choose pieces that perfectly underline your taste. Do you like it cozy at home? Are you a fan of the imperfect shabby chic or the country house style? You can create the right ambiance in your bathroom with furniture made of dark wood, rattan, and bamboo. These natural materials exude a wonderfully relaxed flair. Incidentally, dark woods with distinctive grains such as walnut or walnut look particularly beautiful.

With furniture with glass, metal, or concrete surfaces, you can create the ideal bathroom for minimalists and lovers of the trendy Scandinavian style. Light woods such as spruce, larch, or ash also go well with these decorating styles. Important: Always choose a single type of wood for a harmonious result.

Do you like it to be classically elegant at home? Then you are right with the cream-colored lacquered bathroom cabinet and the dark blue chest of drawers. Bathroom furniture in earth tones and maritime nuances always looks timelessly chic. Our tip: Always crown your bathroom with a seat such as a wooden bench, a bamboo stool, or just a soft seat cushion for the windowsill. Thus, you will make the room look simpler.

Decorating the Bathroom: Design Tips for Floors and Walls

The floor and walls form the framework of your very individual bathroom. Which rubber is right for you? We present the most popular options.

For Expressive Walls: Colorful Wallpapers

Whether with a photo print or a floral pattern: colored wallpapers make even the simplest bathroom an expressive eye-catcher – and are available in an endless variety of designs. When buying, however, make sure that the wallpaper of your choice is suitable for damp rooms. You can recognize this feature by the information “scrubbable.” Recommended wallpapers are so-called fleece, vinyl, and fiberglass wallpapers. Important: Do not use the normal paste as an adhesive in the bathroom, but special dispersion adhesive.

Ceramic Tiles: One Classic, a Thousand Possibilities

Ceramic tiles are the ultimate bathroom classic. No wonder: They are easy to care for, robust, available in an endless variety of colors and shapes – and therefore fit in with any decorating style. Good to know: Limescale residues are less visible on light-colored tiles. So they need to be wiped less often. Perfect if you like things to be particularly uncomplicated.

For Pomp and Elegance: Glass Panels and Marble

Glass panels are one of the more expensive wall coverings – but they also look particularly classy. You get the modern wall covering of acrylic glass, both matted and colored or printed with photo motifs. Incidentally, glass panels reflect the light and make small bathrooms appear larger.

Fine marble tiles are just as glamorous but more classic. The luxurious natural stone with the unmistakable grain is now available in many colors and brings splendor to every bathroom. Important: Since marble is porous, must reseal it about every nine months.

Stone, Wood or PVC: The Right Floor Covering for Your Taste

Polyvinyl chloride (also known as vinyl flooring) is one of the most popular floor coverings. Its advantages: robustness and versatility. For example, you can get vinyl floors in marble, wood, or bright colors. So you can find the right variant for every style. Important: Only choose full waterproof vinyl for your bathroom.

Natural materials such as beech and pine or granite and travertine are also available in an abundance of different designs. In addition, the high-quality woods and natural stones regulate the humidity in the room and store heat. And: Their special feel makes your bathroom many times more comfortable and inviting.

Our Extra Tip: The Effect of The Colors

Always pay attention to the color effect of your selected wall or floor covering. Earth tones such as cream, sand, and slate have a balancing charisma. Green and yellow nuances have a calming effect. Blue and red, on the other hand, stimulate and donate energy. In general, the richer the color, the stronger the effect.

Lighting in The Bathroom: How To Create a Cozy Atmosphere

A mix of basic, functional, and mood lighting creates practical and, at the same time, pleasant lighting for your bathroom. Take a ceiling light as a basis, for example, an elegant pendant light. You can use swiveling wall lights above the washbasin or an illuminated mirror cabinet as functional lighting. Ceiling spotlights or spots with which you can accentuate your favorite bathroom decoration, in turn, act as mood lighting.

The following applies to the light color: yellowish – i.e., warm white – light has a calming effect and is, therefore, the perfect basic lighting. On the other hand, for your functional light, it is better to use neutral or daylight white bulbs and LEDs. These shine brighter and are perfect for shaving or applying makeup. Incidentally, the excellent basic strength of all lamps in the bathroom is 300 lux. Please also note that the lamps you have selected have a suitable protection class.

Small Details for Great Living Comfort: Important Bathroom Accessories

Smart Bathroom Decorating

Only a tidy bathroom is a stylish bathroom. So be sure to invest in practical organization aids such as waterproof storage boxes and boxes or beautiful bowls. Cotton pads, makeup, and the like are well stowed away and always ready to hand.

Fluffy Skin Flatterers

Terrycloth towels made from one hundred percent cotton are particularly absorbent, easy to care for, and are real skin flatterers. These feel-good textiles belong in every comfortable bathroom.

Practical Slip Protection

Bath rugs and rugs made of soft microfiber make your bathroom look more comfortable and at the same time act as practical anti-slip protection. So you always have a secure footing, even on damp ground.

Protection from Light and Prying Eyes

Roller blinds, curtains, and self-adhesive privacy screens help blind daylight and protect against prying eyes. In this way, you increase the comfort of your bathroom and create a very private retreat.

Beauty Must-Have: Bathroom Mirror

Whether for shaving or applying makeup: a mirror is indispensable in the bathroom. Heatable models that always remain clear despite the steam from the shower are particularly practical.

Incidentally, round mirrors need more space than angular ones and are more suitable for more spacious bathrooms. In terms of size, the following applies: Your bathroom mirror should be at least as wide as the basin over which it hangs to create a harmonious look.

Little Wellness Extras: This Is How Your Bathroom Becomes a Private Spa

In the spa, you can unwind and relax from the stresses of everyday life. But why go outside when happiness is so close? With a few little extras, your home bathroom can quickly become a private wellness area. The first thing to do is to adhere to the most important basic principle. That is reduction. A minimalist environment helps the mind and body to come to rest. Reduce accessories and furniture to the bare essentials according to this principle.

However, plants are considered to be sensible accessories. They are proven to increase your well-being and also improve the indoor climate. Cobbler palm, bromeliad, or sword fern transform your bathroom into an oasis of well-being. Incense sticks, potpourri, or scented candles are another wellness extra. After all, certain smells have been shown to improve your mood and have a calming effect. These include lavender, vanilla, and rose.

Tips for Small Bathrooms: This Is how The Room Grows Beyond Itself

Refined All-Rounder

An illuminated mirror cabinet is a light source, storage space, and room enlarger in one because mirrors reflect light and simulate endless expanses that open up the space and thus allow it to grow.

The Right Colors

Light colors reflect more light, make your small bathroom look bigger, and make it look more inviting. It would help if you ideally relied on soft pastel nuances such as violet-blue, cream, or grass green in this room.

Hidden Place

The wall above the toilet, corners of the room, and the space under the sink are often overlooked – but there is space for base cabinets and wall shelves. How to use every inch of your bathroom?

The Power of Light

A multi-part lighting concept offers the eye a lively backdrop that simulates width and size. You can complement the basic, mood, and functional lighting with other light sources such as candles or a table lamp in your small bathroom.

Design the Bathroom: Create the Bathroom of Your Dreams

Whether you are a Scandinavian trailer or a country house fan: our decorating tips and clever bathroom ideas for every bathroom design, every room size, and every budget will soon transform your simple bathroom into your absolute favorite place. That’s why it’s best to start designing right away and create an enviable oasis of well-being.

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