Decoration with A Handmade Look * Rustic Ambience

Cozy knitted blankets, ceramics with uneven color gradients, or hand-blown vases – with decoration that looks hand-made, you conjure up a homely atmosphere. We provide tips on how to perfectly stage individual pieces in the trendy handmade look. For a home with a personal touch, in which you feel really comfortable.

Comfort as A New Living Trend

Decoration in a handmade look creates a warm atmosphere and a cozy home. You will be right on trend in 2021. Your own apartment or house as a bright, friendly retreat with a cozy factor is currently in the foreground in many styles, such as Scandinavian design. The handmade look goes perfectly with this.

When it comes to decoration, orient yourself on the furnishing ideas of the 1970s. Rustic crockery or macrame that embellishes walls, pillows, and flower pots are a must for the handmade look.

Utility Ceramics Like Handmade

Do you want to give your table decorations a personal touch? Then choose ceramics or earthenware in a homemade look. In this trend, bowls, plates, and mugs come in natural, earthy colors. In light gray, cream, and gray-blue, the tableware beautifies your table. The following applies: imperfect the new is perfect – speckles of color and an uneven color gradient on your new favorite pieces are expressly desired.

This also applies to the processing and the surface of the ceramic. Uneven, wavy edges and a glaze with fine pores conjure up a unique piece from each part. You put ceramics in the spotlight when you combine them with shiny table decorations. Use golden underplates or candle holders to create a modern yet classy look.

Decorative Elements Made of Clay

You can set exciting accents with pottery sculptures made of clay, such as bright busts or abstract figures with unusual shapes and surfaces. Use them as decoration for a festive Sunday dinner or as an individual highlight on a minimalist shelf. Rustic-designed fragrance lamps, vases, or unusual candle holders also attract attention. When decorating, however, make sure that you stick to individual accents. So your decoration appears modern and fresh, instead of old-fashioned and overloaded.

Macrame – Artful Decoration for All Living Areas

Macrame is back – and for a good reason! The cleverly knotted, natural decorations quickly create a warm atmosphere. You can also use it to create the perfect Boho style: casual, cosmopolitan, and wonderfully imperfect. Hang up macrame wall hangings to turn bald spots into real eye-catchers and place them above the bed, for example. In addition, curtains and lampshades ensure exceptional lighting conditions.

With hanging plants growing out of them, living with plants is possible even in small apartments. Do you want to integrate macrame into your table decoration? Then choose the knotted table runners or coasters. These are particularly effective on dark wooden surfaces.

Stylish Storage – Baskets with A Handmade Look

Your handmade look shines, especially when it doesn’t get lost in a mess. To create order in your home – with style. Woven baskets made from seaweed and jute are ideal for this. These cut a fine figure everywhere and provide structure in the bathroom, hallway, or living room. Furnishing with natural materials is not boring: The baskets are available in different colors, with artfully woven patterns or decorative tassels. The baskets are also eye-catchers as cachepots for your plants.

Hand-Blown Glass Decoration that Stands for Itself

Glass in a handmade look always looks unique and elegant. The main focus of this trend is on vases in various shapes and sizes. Whether spherical, with a slim neck, or as a bulbous floor vase, you fill with colorful dried flowers. The ideal color scheme for these eye-catching pieces: turquoise, light gray, or shades of brown. The vases do not need lush bouquets of flowers. Individual flowers or just the pure vase are sufficient as decoration. With hand-blown water glasses or carafes, rather simple table decorations get the right pep.

Handmade Textiles for More Comfort

Linen tablecloths add elegance to any table. Bright colors achieve the same effect as more muted tones. Are you looking for ideas for a cozy living room or bedroom? You can make cool rooms more comfortable with hand-woven wool carpets in beige tones. This also applies to knitted bedspreads or plaids. It gets extra cozy when you bring home textiles in XXL knits. Cushion covers with macramé or crochet look also enhance inconspicuous or overly sober sofas and armchairs.

Highlights for The Walls

You can create accents in the living room or bedroom with artistic pictures on canvases. These can be colorful or simple works of art in black and white, depending on your taste.

You can achieve the same effect for less with abstract art or art prints on framed posters. These also fit in the bathroom or hallway, so you create the first eye-catcher in the handmade look in the entrance area.

Decoration in A Handmade Look: The Perfect Feel-Good Atmosphere

The wall unit is still yawning a bit empty in the living room? The corner in the entrance area looks too cool? With our decorative ideas in a handmade look, you can make all living areas cozy and inviting. So you feel comfortable everywhere. Now you don’t want to go out at all? With our decorating tips for decorating the bar cart, you can also bring your favorite bar into your own four walls.

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