Decoration with Silver: A Casual Change for Your Home

Are you looking for accents for your facility? The silver decoration looks elegant and brings casual variety to your four walls. Our living ideas stylishly stage the shiny precious metal – from textiles to paint and wallpapers to home accessories.

Stylish Accents with Silver Decoration

Do you love it cool and reserved? Then silver offers a welcome change. The precious metal stands for glamor on the one hand but is extremely casual on the other. In every apartment, especially white and gray or mixed with warm metal colors such as copper, gold, or rose gold, silver sets highlights.

The Classic Rediscovered: Why Silver Is Trendy

Freedom, speed, and clarity – these are attributes that silver stands for. No wonder that this precious metal above all brings lightness to your home. As a color, silver allows you to play with contrasts and adds subtle highlights as the icing on the cake. As our silver decoration ideas show, we love metal above all because it:

  • Everyday spices up,
  • Elegant underlines and
  • Refined neutral.

The Special Touch: Decoration Ideas Made of Silver

A little gloss in the hallway? Plant and flower pots made of silver are real eye-catchers. Simple, floor vases in an exquisite silver metallic look put your plants in the limelight.

Shimmering look on the shelf – candlesticks, picture frames, and decorative figures create a successful contrast to simple solid wood furniture.

Silver-plated étagères and bowls make for a splendid sight on the table. Whether solo or as a star in the ensemble of a festive set table – the magnificent accessories leave a lasting impression.

Unusual eye-catchers are lamps, side tables, and sculptures in elegant silver. By the way, you turn the supposedly every day into an interesting eye-catcher in every room.

Très chic on the sofa and armchair: textiles in silver are seductive and irresistible. With cushions and blankets, these conjure up a noble touch on your seating and lounging furniture in no time at all.

Extra Portion of Shine: Create Brilliant Effects with Silver Paint

Silver also looks good on the wall: wallpapers and metallic colors in silver tones add fresh accents. They are in no way inferior to the classic gold. It doesn’t matter whether you immerse an entire wall in the shimmer effect or just conjure it up on a part: silver reflects light – both daylight and other light sources. And you can be sure of the glitter.

Metallic wallpapers with a glossy-matt effect with floral or graphic patterns and ornaments in shades of silver are very popular. This wall decoration looks particularly elegant in combination with plain-colored furnishings or simple furniture in dark tones.

Ideal Combination: Which Style Would Silver Decoration Suit Best?

When glamor meets restraint, for example, the country house style, it complements each other wonderfully. The metallic look and natural materials such as wood or linen also go hand in hand. Have you furnished your apartment in a Nordic design? Just the right environment for silver. The combination of white or gray and silver also looks fantastic.

For those who like the opposite: Silver comes across as cool and casual compared to warm and soft tones. In combination with gold and rose gold, it shines in a very special shine. The interaction with copper also gives your interior something shiny. Silver also contrasts gray and blue – a no less beautiful opposite pole.

Silver decoration alone is not enough for you, and you want even more highlights in your four walls? We still have plenty of metal and sheet metal living ideas ready for you.

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