Design the Hallway * More Comfort in The Entrance Area

Walk-in – this is how you transform your hallway from a transit zone into a stylish entrance. Find out how to create the necessary storage space and conjure up a cozy atmosphere in which you and your guests feel welcome every day.

Welcome to The Hallway

Give the hall the attention it deserves as a “welcome room.” He welcomes you and your guests every day and sets the tone for your furnishing style. For more coziness in the walk-through room, simple basic equipment is sufficient, which you can spice up with decoration and wall design: a cloakroom, a shoe cabinet, and a chest of drawers are an absolute must for the hallway. You will find the right models for every style, a rustic coat rack made of untreated wood to match the country house style, or a white shoe cabinet without handles for minimalism and Scandi.

The right lighting and color design create structures. It is best to arrange at least two light sources – a ceiling lamp for orientation and a dimmable floor or wall lamp for more comfort.

Play with colors and accents: the hallway appears more open when the floor and lower walls are painted in dark tones, and the upper walls and ceiling are painted in light colors. Choose the classic black and white, white with wood, or combine rosé with dark green.

Storage Space and Seating

Use niches when designing your hallway: Mount shelves or place a narrow cupboard on the protruding wall next to the guest toilet. Here hats, scarves, and gloves disappear in no time. And if your keys, sunglasses, and wallet are on an elegant tray or in a bowl on the dresser, you will definitely not forget them anymore.

For the absolute coziness factor, place seating furniture in the entrance area. It’s best to combine storage space with seating: An old chest hides all kinds of umbrellas, badminton rackets, and bicycle helmets. Cozy is a bench with drawers that you decorate with fluffy pillows.

The Personal Touch: Decoration in The Hallway

Storage space, coat hooks, and a seat are provided; now, you can give your hallway a personal touch with accessories. And this is how decoration works: Plants and cut flowers create a lively atmosphere; they bring splashes of color into the room design. With fairy lights, you set atmospheric accents.

Decorate the chest of drawers or the side table with vases, candles, and pictures. A single strip of wallpaper with a striking pattern is an eye-catcher on the wall, or you can design a photo wall.

Small Hallway – Tips for A Narrow Entrance Area

Setting up a small hallway is not always easy. You can create order and clear lines with closed shoe cabinets and chests of drawers in a narrow space. Small hallways also benefit from filigree furniture. Use a console table instead of a massive chest of drawers.

You don’t have to do without a seat either: a discreet chair or stool can replace the bench or armchair. A mirror makes the room look bigger. The rule of thumb for color design: light colors for small hallways. With pastel and cream tones, you can achieve visual lightness and space.

Large Hallway – Tips for The Long Hallway

Designing large corridors is also a challenge because they quickly appear cold and uncomfortable. Thick, fluffy carpets make the room more homely. You can also choose dark, cozy colors such as wine red or forest green for furnishings and wall colors. The following applies to long hallways: If possible, arrange all furniture on one side of the hallway so that the overall picture looks harmonious.

In addition, a long entrance wins with a “show stopper”: beautiful paintings, a pompous chest, or a statement wall invite you to linger and form a coherent furnishing concept. An open shelf is also an eye-catcher – shelf styling is the name of the trend in which your shelf becomes a decorative work of art. Depending on the style, a long bench or a comfortable sofa is suitable as seating.

Dark Hallway – Tips for More Brightness in The Entrance Area

Bright colors bring more brightness into a dark hallway. White furniture with a glossy finish, light wood, and pastel colors are excellent. A smart lighting concept also makes the gloomy entrance area more homely: Distribute several light sources such as LED strips, floor lamps, wall lights, and bright ceiling lights.

There are also motion detectors in a large, dark hallway – so you never feel in the dark.

You can also counteract the gloomy atmosphere with the decoration: A large mirror brings width and brightness, light runners show the way through the room, and pictures in bright colors also reflect light.

No Hallway – Tips for An Open Entrance Area

You don’t have a hallway? You can also transform an open entrance area into a cozy entrance with basic furnishings, seating, and chic decorations. An idea for the entrance room: use a chest of drawers, a shelf, or plants as a room divider. Closed furniture visually ensures peace.

For a particularly harmonious overall picture, match the style of the entrance area to the style in the living room – with Shabby Chic, this means a vintage shoe cabinet, and with Industrial a wardrobe made of an iron frame. If your entrance area is tiny, but as much clothing and shoes as possible in the bedroom. The subtle hooks in the entrance area then offer enough space for your guests’ jackets.

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