Design Your Own Home with Modern Decorative Stucco

Anyone who has ever entered a house from the 20th century, such as an Art Nouveau villa, has not missed the often beautifully decorated stucco elements on the ceilings. The elegant moldings add value to the rooms and give them a stylish finish. No wonder that stucco is still a popular decorative element. However, there are many questions about stucco installation. These range from the price to the possibility of combining with different furnishing styles to the attachment and the effect in your own home. With modern solutions, the integration of stucco elements is straightforward, inexpensive, and even multifunctional.

Does Decorative Stucco Work at Any Ceiling Height?

Traditionally, one knows stucco decorations on the edges or in the center of the ceilings of high rooms over three meters. There, of course, they come into their own particularly well. However, this does not mean that stucco cannot be installed in apartments with average height and 7.9 to 8.20 feet high ceilings. But you should pay attention to the room size, height, and furnishing style to select suitable stucco elements that do not look overwhelming. Therefore, it is advisable to opt for no wider moldings with normal high ceilings than 5, 6 inches. Otherwise, they may protrude too far into the ceiling and walls and visually reduce the room too much.

Do Stucco Elements Suit Every Furnishing Style?

Basically, decorative stucco can be combined with a wide variety of furnishing styles. Just as the proportions of the stucco elements should ideally match those of the rooms, furnishings and decorative stucco should also be coordinated. And stylistically. The more restless the room design, the more straight the stucco moldings should be. If the rooms are modernly furnished with clear lines and few patterns, the stucco elements may contain a little more ornaments and be more playful. They might look slightly out of place in a large loft with primarily industrial elements or a very Scandinavian household. On the other hand, they can be combined very well with a classic or rustic furnishing style. So it’s a bit of a trade-off. The stucco elements should, however, stylistically be chosen somewhat contrary to the other spatial effect.

What Costs Do You Have to Expect with Stucco Decorations?

Anyone who opts for plaster stucco decorations from a specialist naturally has to spend a little more money than someone who realizes their decorative design wishes on their own. If you have to or want to pay attention to the budget, you can use styrofoam stucco. This is light in weight due to the material used but is made of a shock-resistant polymer, making it easy to process and transport without worrying about damage. Such easy-to-use stucco elements are available as a complete solution or DIY set. Different profiles enable decorative stucco to be fitted into any room. And matching corner and connecting pieces ensure a seamless finish without a lot of personal effort.

Modern Stucco Elements Are Multifunctional

Above all, stucco elements are initially extremely decorative. Also, they are excellently suited to reducing oversized rooms or optically enlarging small rooms. Especially when they are used to support room lighting.

Above all, the modern stucco strips made of styrofoam can optionally be provided with LED strips and the room so indirectly? Also, in different colors? Illuminate. Or they can be used as a substructure for the central ceiling lighting. Unlike traditional plaster stucco rosettes, you are no longer dependent on hanging lamps. Recessed LED spots can also be integrated into the styrofoam stucco. Because these generate little heat, there is no risk of the stucco elements melting or scorching.

Those who like it even more individually can also personalize the usually white decorative elements made of styrofoam. For example, they can be matched in colour to the dominant furniture. An effect comes into its own when the walls and upholstery elements are kept in light tones, but the picture and window frames, furniture and frames, skirting boards, and the decorative stucco, take on a dark colour tone.

The Advantages of Stucco Elements Made of Styrofoam

Historically, luxury houses and villas have always been adorned with stucco and ceiling moldings. In the past, this was not infrequently a matter of weeks of handicraft work. Modern advances have made it possible to attach lightweight, artistic, and high-quality stucco elements to ceilings and walls at a fraction of the price than was the case a few decades ago.

These inexpensive and yet stylish stucco elements made of Styrofoam are so easy to attach that anyone with a little manual dexterity can fix and process them within a few days. As a result, stucco decorations for interiors have become affordable for everyone.

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