Designing a Baby Room: 7 Do’s and Don’ts

Designing a baby room is an important and exciting phase of life for parents – and a challenge. We will be happy to help you with this: With our small checklist, “7 dos and don’ts for furnishing a baby room,” you are perfectly prepared. And your offspring are guaranteed to feel at home.

The 7 Don’ts when It Comes to Furnishing the Baby Room

You can sit back and relax. We’ll tell you how to avoid seven common mistakes when furnishing a baby room.

1. Be Stressed Even Before Giving Birth

First of all, the good news: You don’t have to completely furnish the nursery during pregnancy. A baby does not necessarily need a wardrobe, shelves, or a painting table in the first few months. A changing table with drawers and a cot are enough to get you started. Simply design the baby room little by little – in peace and quiet.

2. Bet on The Wrong Color

Do not use signal colors such as red or orange on large wall surfaces – they cause restlessness in children and make them aggressive. White is also unfavorable: babies need contrasts to learn spatial thinking.

3. Don’t Be Too Colorful.

Avoid too many colorful toys and bright accessories – and thus overstimulation in your children. The baby room becomes colorful all by itself once your children are older.

4. Choosing the Wrong Flooring

Parquet or laminate is too hard and cold, and your little ones could be allergic to fluffy carpets. The middle ground is correct: it is best to place a few short-pile rugs over the parquet or laminate floor. So your loved one can crawl across the floor as they please.

5. Electrical Devices Have to Stay Outside

Unsecured sockets and electrical devices have no place in the baby room. Clock radios or computers emit electromagnetic radiation – if there is no other way, place them at least 2.5 meters away from the cot.

6. Spot on – for The Right Light in The Baby Room

Lamps that dazzle, get hot, and break if you fall are unsuitable in the baby room. The little ones are susceptible to bright light. It is best to always hang lights out of the reach of your child.

7. Curtain up – for The Right Window Cladding

Remember to hang up blinds or curtains: after all, your baby needs a good night’s sleep during the day too. And that works best in a darkened room. A small night light should not be missing for the night. It gives your offspring orientation and ensures sweet dreams.

The 7 Dosages for Baby Room Furnishing

The room for your little gold treasure should radiate security and security. Let yourself be inspired by our seven tips for furnishing a baby room.

1. Rely on Security

Safety is the top priority in the baby room: the cradle and cot must be accident-proof. Please ensure that the rung spacing is at least 4.5 and a maximum of 6.5 centimeters. In addition, all corners and edges of the baby furniture should be rounded. The changing table also needs side protection. Then you can leave the little dwarf alone in the room with the baby monitor.

2. Build on Natural Materials

So that your child can grow up healthy, rely on pollutant-free wall paints, carpets, curtains, and textiles – made of linen, cotton, or silk, for example. The baby mattress and pacifier should also be emission-free.

3. Arrange Places of Retreat

Set up a loving, quiet corner with an armchair, blanket, and pillow. Here you can enjoy togetherness and cuddle with your sweetheart – babies love being close to their parents. And if you are already beating yourself up for the night, then make yourself as comfortable as possible.

4. Comfortable Warmth from Above

To ensure that your bundle of joy always gets the warmth it needs, installs a radiant heater above the changing table. Make sure that this is TÜV-tested. Good models switch off automatically after a certain period of time.

5. Colors – as Delicate as Your Baby

Use light pastel colors such as light blue or delicate, neutral tones such as beige, gray, and mint on the walls. They are the ideal background against which – for baby’s eyes – colorful toys or decorations stand out particularly well.

6. Stimulate the Senses

A pretty mobile or music mobile can be wonderfully attached over the cot – and trains your child’s senses. The many different shapes, colors, and tones arouse children’s curiosity and promote perception.

7. Achieve Great Effects with Little Effort

Decide on fluorescent stickers, stickers, or photo wallpaper for the children’s room furnishings and especially the wall design – they provide cheerful accents in the baby room.

Do you really feel like creating a feel-good space for your offspring? Here we go. We have one last tip: take a deep breath and relax as soon as it gets stressful – even with all the excitement before and after the birth. Then setting up a baby room is child’s play and a lot of fun for you.

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