Designing a Coffee Corner: New Fashion Cafe at Home

Do you love coffee houses, vintage decorations, and beautiful mugs? You can set up a small coffee bar at home where you can celebrate the perfect milk foam. In the kitchen, on the balcony, or in the dining room, the following applies from now on: But first, coffee!

Coffee Corner for Your Home

Coffee drinkers are connoisseurs – that’s why their favorite drink also needs the right ambiance not only in the regular café but also in your own four walls. Anyone who appreciates their coffee machine likes to put it in the best light: loving decoration and nostalgic accessories. Let yourself be inspired by our ideas for your own coffee bar and enjoy the break with a cappuccino, chai latte, or iced coffee.

Setting up A Coffee Station: These Are the Basics

In the center is the coffee machine. Whether it’s a retro portafilter with an Italian flair or a modern pad machine in signal color – it sets the style of the coffee corner.

Place your coffee essentials on a sturdy, washable surface. A tray or cutting board also looks chic.

Provide cups of different sizes. If you mix different cup styles, you should make sure that they match in color.

Add a small wall or hanging shelf for your cup selection. This saves space and puts the most beautiful specimens in the limelight. It also keeps the kitchen tidy.

Next to the coffee machine, there is space for nice containers and cans for coffee powder and pods. Original: a coffee box in which the beans are shipped.

Nice to look at and practical are napkins, pretty milk jugs, and sugar bowls that match the decoration.

Designing a Coffee Corner: The Perfect Decoration

With a stylish tier, your guests will feel like having afternoon tea in a luxury hotel. Serve bagels or sweets on top.

Wall tattoos in the shape of beans or cups leave no doubt: there are delicious hot drinks for everyone.

Vintage signs and blackboards with a coffee reference (“But first, Coffee”) create a nostalgic flair when you set up your coffee bar at home.

Drape fine, individually wrapped chocolates and other delicacies under a cheese dome.

A blackboard on which you can let off steam with white or colored chalk is creative. Creativity knows no limits. From coffee cups and beans to nice sayings, everything is possible.

A bouquet of cut flowers brings freshness and liveliness to your coffee corner.

Where to Put the Coffee Bar: The Right Location

In the kitchen: Clear a corner on the worktop, complemented by a small hanging shelf or a simple shelf. If you have enough space, a kitchen board or buffet becomes a coffee corner.

In the dining area: transform a sideboard or a side table into a coffee corner. Maybe with a small stool. If the dining area is too small, you will definitely find a place in the living room, for example, on a bar cart.

Outside: In summer, the covered balcony or terrace is transformed into an (iced) coffee corner. A mobile serving trolley that moves inside in winter is also perfect for the outdoor version.

Which Style Would You Like?

Nostalgic decorations in retro styles, such as vintage coffee tins, are the ideal addition to a coffee station. For example, on a sideboard with a shabby look.

If the restrained Scandi style serves as the basis, you can let off steam with the accessories. Colorful napkins, eye-catching cups, and pastry boxes – everything is allowed.

In large rooms, a coffee corner in vintage industrial style comes into its own. Antique tin advertising signs add the finishing touches.

A relaxed style with natural wood, framed pictures, and macrame wall decorations is cozy and uncomplicated.

The Finishing Touches for Your Coffee Corner

A lovingly designed coffee corner gives every room a cozy flair. Of course, you can also decorate a side table without any coffee accessories. You can even call it a coffee table anyway. And because vases, lanterns, and other home accessories are the icings on the cake in your home, you will find even more tips and ideas from the basics of decorating with us.

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