Designing a Terrace: That Holiday Feeling for Your Garden

Enjoy the sun, relax from everyday life and let your soul dangle – does that sound like a holiday to your ears? It is! And the best: The perfect place for it is right on your doorstep. With our tips on designing your terrace, you can transform it into an oasis of calm and relaxation.

Drinking a coffee outside in the morning, reading a book in the afternoon sun or turning on the barbecue in the evening: having your own terrace has many advantages. Design it according to your personal ideas and wishes – and make your life even more beautiful.

How to Plan Your Garden Terrace

First of all, think about what you want to use your terrace for in particular: is it a play area for your kids? Are you longing for a cozy chill-out zone? Or does it serve you as an extended living room? Your terrace design depends primarily on your needs. The orientation of your terrace also plays an important role.

For example, if it is in the south, it is ideal for your deck chair, as you will get sun all day. A terrace facing west, on the other hand, is more suitable for an evening aperitif. Because here, the sun’s rays donate warmth only in the late afternoon and evening.

Is your small terrace lacking space? No problem, even a few meters can be decorating in an atmospheric way. For example, create a terrace garden. You do not need to plant with grass. Instead, you can skillfully integrate the round or angular surface into an environment of hedges, flower beds, and plants in large flower pots. For the floor covering, for example, you can choose between:

  • Wood: radiates warmth and needs a stable substructure.
  • Gravel: is extremely resistant and inexpensive.
  • Natural stone: lasts for many years and requires little care.

With the beginning of spring, you can bring your terrace out of hibernation! To do this, you give it a thorough cleaning. Clean and maintain the terrace floor, take care of your plants, and do not replace them so well. Does your patio furniture no longer look so beautiful even when it is clean? Then it’s time for new, more modern favorites.

Furniture for Your Terrace

It looks particularly stylish if you continue the decorating style of your living room on your terrace. Expansive lounge furniture ensures an extra dose of coziness. You can create a Mediterranean flair with a simple wooden table and matching chairs in different colors such as green, blue, or yellow.

Wrought iron patio furniture in white with elaborate decorations exudes a romantic charm. For BBQ fans, of course, a corner for the grill, the right lighting, and possibly a heat dispenser for winter barbecues or cooler summer nights should not be missing.

Accessories for More Comfort

A privacy screen made of wood or plants increases your privacy. In this way, curious neighbors and passers-by cannot watch you sunbathe.

The icing on the cake on every terrace: the right decoration. Colorful textiles such as pillows and seat cushions, table runners, or cozy blankets give your outdoor area the finishing touch. You can create an atmospheric ambiance with lovingly decorated lanterns and nostalgic retro signs.

The Right Lighting for Your Terrace

You need enough light on your terrace so that you can sit outside in a relaxed manner even after sunset. With outdoor lights on the wall, light sources on the floor – which, for example, illuminate your bushes from below – and individual spots, you can create a pleasant basic level of brightness. Fairy lights and colorful lanterns also bathe your outdoor area in a soft glow. When lighting your patio, make sure that the lamps are marked with protection class IP44. That makes them weatherproof. For outdoor lights that are exposed to heavy rainfall, resort to IP67. Also important: safe cabling when the lamps need electricity.

Weatherproof: Protection from Sun and Rain

Sun protection ensures that you feel comfortable on your terrace even at high temperatures. An awning, a shade sail, partial roofing over the terrace, or a simple parasol will prevent you from getting sunburned.

Efficient: sun protection that also protects you when it rains. This means that your high-quality patio furniture can stand outside even in the light summer rain.

Design Your Terrace: Relax in Front of Your Front Door

There is nothing better than sitting outside with the first rays of sunshine in spring until warm late autumn. Handy if you have to step out of the patio door. An inviting, friendly, and atmospheric ambiance makes your outdoor area even more attractive. So, let’s go! Perhaps our tips for everything to do with the balcony will help you with the redesign.

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