How to Choose a Mattress * Does It Affect Sleep Quality

Sleeping is good for the soul. But often, you feel anything but relaxed after waking up. Reasons for restless sleep can not only be insomnia or difficulty falling asleep. The beds ‘ entire world also influences sleep behavior from the materials to the correct cleaning of the bed linen.

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The Right Mattress Can Promote Sound Sleep

A person spends almost a third of their entire life on a mattress. Therefore, you should invest in a high-quality mattress because selecting a suitable mattress is essential for a restful night’s sleep. The right mattress is back-friendly and relaxing. In addition to quality, function, and degree of hardness, personal factors play a role in the selection decision:

  • Bodyweight,
  • Height,
  • Sleeping habits,
  • Personal feeling of warmth and cold,
  • Bedroom condition,
  • Possible health impairments, such as material incompatibilities or allergies.

Know the sleeping position

The spine’s best possible position relaxes the stressed muscles during the day and prevents back problems. The change of lying position during night sleep should be flexibly stabilized by a mattress. When choosing the right mattress, it is advisable to know the preferred sleeping position: Do you prefer to sleep on your side, on your back, or on your stomach? Or is it impossible to commit to your favorite position at all? Different types of mattresses are available for each sleeping position, which can support and stabilize the body.

Sleep Through the Night with Foam Mattresses

Depending on the type, foam mattresses offer excellent adaptability to the body and prevent dents, such as the cold foam mattresses foamed by carbon dioxide. The body is also comfortably cushioned when changing the lying position so that sensitive parts of the body sink comfortably and gently into it. With a 7-zone cold foam mattress, special lying areas ensure optimal relaxation of the lumbar vertebrae and shoulders, and there is no hollow back in the supine position.

Cushion the Weight with Innerspring Mattresses

The special thing about spring mattresses is adapting to the sleeping person’s body weight and absorbing it. Individually sewn-in spring cores dampen body movements and have a stabilizing effect in the lying position. Therefore, they also ensure body-appropriate flexibility when turning around at night. However, you should pay attention to the different types to emphasize good air circulation or relief of certain body areas.

Box Spring Beds: Known, but Also Costly

The high mattresses in box spring beds ensure a special step-in height and pleasant lying comfort. These beds enable selective relief of stressed spine and muscles and also ensure a comfortable sleeping temperature. Nevertheless, you should inform yourself immediately about the properties of a box spring bed before buying and compare them with individual factors.

The Right Degree of Hardness

When buying a mattress, you should definitely invest time in a detailed consultation and take a sufficient testbed. Basically, mattresses should always be tested on the corresponding slatted frame, as it affects comfort.

In conjunction with specialist advice, this can be used to determine the degree of hardness in question. This can be recognized by the capital letter H in conjunction with a number. In most cases, there is a gradation from one to four with the meanings soft, medium, hard, and very hard—the right degree of hardness results primarily from body weight. In foam mattresses, the volume weight is taken into account instead of the body weight. In individual cases, the wishes of the person concerned can deviate from these assessment bases. Degrees of hardness that differ significantly from the norm may be desired.

Individual Preferences

The degree of hardness, hygiene, appearance, weight, and lifespan can also play a role when buying a mattress. Buying a mattress is, therefore, always a particularly personal decision. Before making a purchase, you should carefully check which mattress is individually suitable because the quality of sleep influences the quality of life to a large extent.

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