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The dream of a small summer house doesn’t have to remain a dream anymore. Modern garden houses have long been available in all possible sizes and designs so that you no longer just have an arbor but can create a cozy, small holiday home in your own garden, allotment garden, or a piece of land in your favorite vacation spot. Such a modern garden house is also ideal as a guest house and a hobby room. The possibilities are many.

Choose the Right Garden House Variant

Modern garden houses are available with flat roofs, pitched roofs with tiled or thatched roofs. Most garden sheds are made in neutral natural wood colors so that they offer plenty of space for your own design and creativity, both inside and outside. If you are looking for relaxation in the summer house, you should fall back on a neutral, pastel color palette on the inside, which transforms the garden house into an oasis of calm, while on the outside, a light pastel paint skilfully sets the scene for the future summer house.

Find the Right Spot in The Garden

The location for the summer cottage is crucial to find the relaxation that one hopes for. Basically, the back end of the garden is the right place – not only because positioning it in the middle of the park makes it look smaller and interrupts the lawn’s course. But also because a beneficial retreat is best created as far away from everyday life as possible. Perhaps there is enough space between some trees in the garden for a summer house so that the summer house is surrounded and protected by trees. In this way, a unique feeling of rural idyll can be created.

The Right Furniture in The Private Summer House

Creating a relaxed atmosphere in the summer garden house is not difficult at all. A skillful mix of furniture and styles is just right for this. A comfortable sofa like from the living room, perhaps in beige or cream-colored, should not be missing. A pair of dynamically designed cushions with colorful embroidery and one or two wicker chairs in bright pink go well with this. Flea markets or second-hand shops are an incredible treasure trove of furniture for a garden shed – a little upcycling and restoration can turn them into an inexpensive alternative to designer furniture that would somehow be out of place in the garden shed anyway.

A Place for Mild Summer Evenings

Modern garden houses are available with canopies, patios, and covered terrace areas, which are ideal for setting up a dining area, where you can have lunch or dinner outside in the summer in a cozy and sheltered way. A little decoration with hanging lanterns, lanterns or fairy lights, climbing plants, flower boxes, or tendrils add relaxing charm and invite you to linger for a good glass of wine and a good book.

The Right Paint for The Summer Cottage

A beautiful blue makes the modern summer house look like a real eye-catcher. If you have plateaus or hills in the garden, you can place the garden shed at the top and, thanks to the various levels around it, create a retreat embedded in flower beds. Blue outer walls and white gables or flat roof borders also bring a Mediterranean flair into your own garden, enhancing the holiday feeling.

The Decoration of A Modern Garden House

Most would like to see and experience something different from home in their own private summer cottage on vacation. Therefore, the furnishing style and decor in the garden shed should be chosen differently from apartments or houses. After all, it’s about finding your way back to nature. The furniture should also reflect that. Natural materials and botanical art prints are exactly the right choices. Fresh green, bright pink, and a splash of sunny yellow are great color combinations that can also be found in nature. This can create a calming, natural ambiance.

The Way (to the Summer House) Is the Goal!

To make the summer cottage the main attraction in the garden, a neatly laid out footpath that leads there should not be missing. Stepping stone paths or gravel paths with low wooden post borders or non-slip solar LED tiles are just 3 of the many ways to give the modern garden house a no less modern and stylish access. If you have plateaued in your garden, you can also create winding paths or play with staggering steps. In an Asian-style garden, the course can lead through tall reeds or be flanked to the right and left by high bamboo fences.

Flowing Fabrics and Curtains for More Romance and Idyll

Calming, neutral colors, and climbing plants ensure that the garden’s surroundings completely assimilate the summer house converted into a summer house. If the garden shed blends seamlessly with the rest of the park, flowing fabrics and long curtains add an extra touch of romance. Lemon yellow accents give such a rustic chic in the country house style a bit of color variety.

The Garden House as A Guest House with Sleeping Facilities

If you don’t necessarily set up your summer house as a creative space or an island of retreat, you can also set it up for guests – or, depending on the size, one of them. An ideal solution if you don’t have an extra room at home. A monochrome interior is also stylish in a garden shed and emphasizes the newly launched arcade variants’ modern character. At the same time, it visually separates the guest room from the part of the garden house used as a hobby area. However, white should predominate to give the guest room an airy atmosphere worthy of a summer cottage.

The Summer House in Winter

It is called a summer house, but that doesn’t mean that the modern garden sheds can only be used during the warm months. Many models can be designed using traditional methods, which not least ultimately removes their arbor character. This is how a modern garden house can also be made winter-proof.

Isolation is always right. This not only helps to keep the heat in the garden house in winter but also to keep it pleasantly cool in summer. Some insulation also has noise-reducing properties.

Of course, you need electrical connections to heat a summer house in winter. But anyone who uses their garden house as a summer residence has, of course, thought of it anyway. With electric radiators, fan heaters, infrared heaters, or radiant heaters, you can create comfortable temperatures in the summer house, even in winter.

Another alternative that can be worthwhile as a long-term investment, mainly if the summer house is used regularly, is underfloor heating even in winter. However, you should perhaps consider installing one when planning and purchasing your summer cottage in your home garden to avoid expensive modernizations later.

A solar installation would also be conceivable to take into account the environmental protection aspect and at the same time to supply the summer house with electricity and heat as independently as possible. However, this could also cause problems on really snowy winter days, so that at least an alternative heating source would certainly not be wrong.

Stoves and chimneys are a great idea, significantly to increase the coziness in the summer house. But you also want to be carefully considered when purchasing. For some vents, there are building regulations to be observed. There is also an increased risk of fire with open chimneys or fire bowls, especially in a summer house made of wood. Whichever one decides on, the health and safety aspects should be in the foreground and possible regulations and laws concerning the (installation) and operation of various heating devices.

Modern Garden Houses – More than An Old Arbor

The once modest gazebo has little or nothing in common with the modern garden houses that exist today. Of course, these can also be used as storage space for garden tools and other things. But they also have many potentials to be used as an extension of the living space, as a second living room, as a home office, guest room, an oasis of peace, or even as an individual summer cottage.

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