Strawberry Kitchen Decorating Ideas * Modern Kitchens

The strawberry kitchen decoration is one of the most popular themes to use for a modern kitchen. It can be used in the traditional country kitchen look, with more contemporary lines, or even a completely new look. With these ideas, you can make any space look appealing, no matter how simple or grand the design. If you have a few basic tools and some imagination, you can design your own dream kitchen.

Pay Attention to Color Harmony in Strawberry Kitchen Decoration

The first thing you need to consider when looking at strawberry kitchen decoration is the color. Since white and natural berries are the main staple of this theme, it would be good to keep that color in mind when decorating the kitchen. If you don’t want to keep it as white all the time, but you want to vary the shade from time to time, then pick colors with varying shades of white. For instance, instead of painting each shelf a different shade, you can paint the entire ceiling the same shade so that every shelf is the same shade. This gives the kitchen a subtle strawberry look that is nice and tidy at the same time.

Buying Strawberry Themed Kitchen Accessories for Strawberry Kitchen Decoration

It might be a good idea to buy strawberry-themed kitchen accessories for strawberry kitchen decoration. For this, you can put a strawberry-decorated tablecloth on your dining table. You can also decorate the walls of your kitchen with wall hangers with strawberry figures. Using a strawberry figured potholder in the kitchen is also a nice kitchen decoration idea. Also, kitchen pads with strawberry pictures will add to your theme.

Use Strawberry-Figured Curtains for Other Strawberry Kitchen Decorating Idea

One of the different strawberry kitchen decor ideas is to use curtains with strawberry decoration. You should definitely decorate your kitchen windows with these curtains because it suits well with strawberry-themed kitchen decoration. You can easily find and buy them at home improvement stores. But when choosing curtains, they must match the decoration in the kitchen. Mismatched decoration objects make your kitchen design look bad.

Make a Strawberry Decoration from a Colored Glass Sphere

Creating a strawberry decoration out of a colored glass globe would be a neat idea. Use colored glass beads in several colors to fill the globe with the beads in varying shades. String the beads onto the glass and tie a large bow at the top. Place this bowl on the counter or table, and you now have a strawberry countertop that is ready for a strawberry shortcake.

Create a Strawberry Flower Design from Beads and Wire

You could also create a strawberry floral design out of beads and wire for something a little different. If you have a large amount of money to spend on strawberry kitchen decoration, you could purchase professionally designed packages of strawberries and place them around your kitchen. Just imagine how great your kitchen will look once the flowers start to bloom! Strawberry flowers will definitely add a great accent to any color scheme.

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