The Latest 80th Birthday Supplies and Decorations

You are properly equipped for your 80th birthday; congratulations, we have put together great decorations for inside and outside for this occasion. Celebrating the 80th birthday is not exactly common. We have put together the appropriate table and room decorations here. We can even offer confetti, pennant chains, garlands, and banners printed with the number 80. Our tip: Just give away several foil balloons with the corresponding number printed on them and filled with helium for this milestone birthday.

Table Decorations for The 80th Birthday – Step 1 of My Planning: Invitation Cards

Before the 80th birthday can be celebrated, I was allowed to go into the planning first. First of all, the invitations have to be designed and sent to the guests. I quickly found what I was looking for at send moments. I liked the invitation cards in the retro look ‘Those were the times’ right away. In the photo (my mother picked it out for me), you can actually see my papa at 16. Of course, you can design the invitation text inside yourself, and there is still space for a second photo.

The word ‘invitation’ was written on brown cardboard strips and stuck on 3D plates. I also attached the parcel cord for the personal touch ;-).

Table Decoration for The 80th Birthday – Step 2 of My Planning – Consider the Color Concept.

I had already determined the color concept by selecting the invitation cards—natural tones combined with white and black and a retro style. Perhaps I’m a bit old-fashioned, but I prefer to design table decorations for a man in restrained colors, not too brightly colored and certainly not pastel. My table decoration for my 70th birthday shows that I am not alone with this opinion. This is one of my most visited blog articles.

Table Decoration for The 80th Birthday – Step 3 of My Planning – I Would Like a Great Centerpiece !!

Birthday newspaper, guest book, photo calendar, photo book … All great ideas, but everything has been there before. No wonder, after all, at the age of 80, one or the other party was celebrated. The idea for my centerpiece, ‘table runner from photos,’ came to me very quickly when I discovered the picture boxes while browsing the internet pages. Retro photos look like they were taken with an instant camera. Such pictures are viral right now, even with me. Admittedly, it would help if you had a lot of pictures for a table runner. I finally ordered 120 photos, and the birthday child can be seen on each one.

All the photo albums were leafed through, and many photos were scanned from them. There are already quite a few digital photos, and the family also helped us with the picture search and rolled through photo albums. Every single photo has now been uploaded, edited, and labeled. So that the table runner looks really nice and retro, all pictures are kept in sepia. You can set the coloring in the selection and the font size for the texts and the font. Well done.

Step 4 of My Planning – Party Favors, Flower and Candle Decorations

On February 24th and the days before, the weather was really spring-like. This time I wanted to implement my own “That’s a fixed idea” and wrap hyacinths as a gift. And that’s not all, this time there should be two guest gifts. I made sleeves out of A6 cards. Each guest was allowed to choose their favorite photo and take it home with them tucked away in the cover. Simultaneously, the small folder also served as a napkin holder for one pretty paper napkin.

The photo table runner should be in the foreground, which is why I did without lavish flower and candle decorations. The small vases and the wooden candlesticks are from my collection. I bought them for my 50th birthday, and they are always in use.

Step 5 of My Planning – Visiting the Location – a Country Inn in Houston

Who likes to buy a pig in a poke? Before I decorate, I would like to see the restaurant, the tables and their arrangement in advance. This is the only way to feel how many flowers I need, how long, and how wide the table runner must be. If necessary, I can think about the seating arrangement in advance. This time, however, there was a free choice of seats. I also like to try decorating at home. Close observers will probably have noticed that I have only shown photos from the table at home so far.

By the way, almost 4 years ago, we celebrated in this country inn, but in a different room. But of course also with beautiful table decorations for the 75th birthday.

Final – This Is how It Looked, My Table Decoration for My 80th Birthday:

I was allowed to decorate my table the day before. 14 guests plus the birthday child have found space at this table. The basis for my 120 photos was a jute table runner—50 cm wide, 5 m long on the roll. Since the table was extensive (160 cm), I divided the runner into two equal-length pieces and placed them next.

Table Runner from Photos – That’s Very Communicative and A Real Tip!

A table runner made from photos is a very communicative thing. When choosing the photos, I made sure that every guest can find themselves in the pictures. So all photos were inspected and exchanged among themselves. There were plenty of “Oohs” and “Oh, remember …? Moments “. The photo table runner is ideal for round birthday parties, but I also think it’s great for silver or gold weddings. Guests who may not know each other very well are sure to get into a conversation with each other.

With the 120 photos, I found exactly the right number for my table decoration. You have to rely a little on your feelings, as I did it too. Ultimately, however, you can always decorate the photos either closer or further apart on the table. True to the motto: What doesn’t fit will be made to fit!

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