Extravagant Halloween Decoration Made from Pumpkins

October 31 is Halloween. The festival is the creepy highlight of the year for children and decoration fans alike. If you want to celebrate the occasion in style, which probably dates from the times of the ancient Celts, you will be happy to receive ideas for exclusive DIY house decorations made from pumpkins.

Basic Decision Color Choice

Typically, the Halloween decorations are orange and black. The decoration quickly looks kitschy and overloaded depending on how many spiders, pumpkins, skulls, and monster masks are used. If you want to elegantly celebrate the ultimate ghost festival of the year, you should, therefore, first think about the choice of colors and motifs.
For example, decorations in black and gold or completely in white are well suited. A combination of black, white, and gold also looks classy. The colors ruby ​​red and dark purple can also be used excellently to design extravagant home decorations.

Anyone who works with motifs should use them discreetly. Bats, spiders, and skeletons are popular. Heavy vintage candlesticks, gold-plated skulls, and beetles, and hands made of clay in black or white are suitable for table decoration. A classic that should definitely not be missing on Halloween is the pumpkin. People who value stylish interior design should choose the crop in a soft orange shade.

Black Cats with Luminous Eyes

For this, you need two different-sized pumpkins, for example, butternut and a Hokkaido pumpkin. Both are first cleaned with lukewarm water and a cloth and then painted with black acrylic or latex paint. The smaller pumpkin is carefully hollowed out. Then carve two slightly slanted cat eyes into it. Two felt triangles are pinned as ears. Now the little one comes up with the big pumpkin. To do this, drive four pens or roulade skewers into the lower vegetable tuber. A small tea light, including a holder, is fixed between the pins. Now attach the smaller pumpkin to the pins. From now on, a black cat with shining eyes greets the guests. The motif of the black cat is also ideal for Halloween invitations, which can be individually designed.

Modern Pumpkins with Geometric Patterns

Proponents of straight lines and minimalism will love this pumpkin styling tip. First of all, the crops are completely painted in the desired color. It is important to allow sufficient time to dry before the next step. If the primer is bombproof, then it goes on. Patterns of squares, rectangles, circles, or triangles are glued on, for example, in the Scandinavian style. Completely adhesive post-its are suitable for this. On the other hand, the double-sided adhesive tape does not work because it usually removes the base color. After the patterns are attached with adhesive paper, the pumpkin is painted or sprayed with a different color. After the drying process, the glue is removed, and an attractive sample color mix is obtained on the crops.

Ghost Lollipop

Favors are popular at any party. For the gruesome ghost lollipops, lollipops are wrapped in white handkerchiefs. These are tied to the stile under the lollipop with a thin, white thread. Draw eyes and mouth on the round surface. The ghost lollipops are attached to a hollowed-out pumpkin, for example, with a sponge. If you like, you can paint the pumpkin in white or gold beforehand.

Floating Tea Lights

Light is an important stylistic device in decorations of all kinds. Especially on Halloween, the right play of light and shadow creates eerie effects. Both the entrance area and the buffet table get a real eye-catcher with the floating tea lights. To do this, you first remove the meat from the nutmeg or Ghost Rider pumpkins. The recess at the top can be comparatively large. The crops are then filled with water. The tea lights are now placed on the surface, creating a floating sea of lights in the apartment.

Wellness Pumpkins

Anyone throwing a lavish Halloween party wants to decorate the entire house. To adapt the bathroom to the motto, delightful wellness pumpkins are suitable. For the less scary but all, the more attractive decorative items, ideally use the Ghost-Rider variety. It is one of the typical Halloween pumpkins. A round, head-sized circle is drawn on one side of the fruit using light blue or white paint. Then details such as eyes and mouth are drawn in black. Finally, wrap a towel around the pumpkin head. The result is a field crop with a face mask and spa hairstyle that can be perfectly draped on the bathroom floor or on the windowsill of the wellness temple.

Pumpkin in Black and Gold

For this decoration tip, it is best to get four pumpkins of different sizes. One of them is completely coated with gold paint, another in black with gold dots, and the third with a diamond pattern made of black and gold. The last copy is painted black, the lower half is covered with golden decorative stones. The four made of elegant pumpkins are particularly suitable for decorating the corners of rooms and the entrance.

White Pumpkin with An Exceptional Structure

A special eye-catcher is achieved with the help of pasta. You can choose from attractive types of pasta such as Farfalle, Orecchiette, Rotelle, or Armoniche, all Uovo. After the pumpkin’s surface has been primed and dried, you glue the pasta in any pattern using a hot glue gun. After curing, the pumpkin is completely coated with white spray paint. This process is ideally carried out outdoors. The finished pumpkins look particularly good in groups. They also go well with decorative items made of porcelain and natural materials.

Pumpkin Varieties and Processing Tips for Halloween

If you make your own stylish Halloween decorations, you should pay attention when buying the pumpkins. Ideal varieties are Hokkaido, nutmeg, and ghost rider pumpkins. The shell is checked for cracks and soft spots before purchasing. You choose a specimen that looks as perfect and healthy as possible.

Before you start decorating the crop, you should wash it with lukewarm water. A special primer for latex or acrylic paint is useful for lasting as long as possible. You should give it enough time to dry before you start painting. Finally, a seal ensures a particularly long shelf life. Professionals use acrylic or ordinary hair lacquer for this. This is generously distributed over the entire work of art. If you use hair lacquer, you should repeat the process regularly. The magical pumpkin decoration shines in a fresh shine for several years.

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