Feng Shui Decorating Tips: The Chinese Theory of Harmony

Feng Shui has its origins in China. The philosophy of life brings the energy Chi to flow. And stands for a harmonious balance. In your home too. With our Far Eastern decorating ideas, you ensure more peace in your four walls – and bring Yin and Yang into balance.

With Feng Shui in Harmony with The World

Is your job not going well? The house blessing is more and more crooked? Somehow nothing works at the moment? And are you still lacking drive? It may be possible that the energies are not flowing optimally at the moment – at least, that is what the Chinese would suspect. Because with them, everything revolves around the life energy Chi. And it has to flow unhindered. This issue is not only medically relevant – acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) are the best examples – the triumphant advance of Feng Shui shows: Blockages can also be solved in the home.

Feng Shui is a Far Eastern approach to life and harmony. The background is the Chinese view of our world. After that, we can assign all things to the five essential elements (fire, metal, earth, wood, and water), which mutually strengthen and weaken each other in their positive and negative energies. It is therefore essential to bring them into balance.

According to the five elements, the Chinese achieve this by designing the living spaces with colors, shapes, and materials. By the way, translated “Feng” stands for wind and “Shui” for water.

The message of the philosophy of life extends to decorating concepts: accordingly, every environment affects our mood and well-being. Since our apartment is a critical environment, we should pay attention to a high feel-good factor here. According to Feng Shui, it can be influenced positively.

Your Apartment in The Feng Shui Look

But how do you implement the living trend in your home? Because Feng Shui is more a way of life than a decorating style, you don’t have to give up your preferred look or concentrate on a particular type of living. On the contrary: many different decorating ideas can be easily combined with Feng Shui.

Another plus point: According to Feng Shui, you can either decorate the entire apartment or just design individual rooms and living areas. The procedure is based on Bagua, a scheme that divides houses and apartments into eight areas of life. The grid consists of eight fields laid out on the floor plan starting from the entrance door.

For Beginners: Design According to Feng Shui Step by Step

1) Declutter

Clarity and structure are trendy and are essential for Feng Shui. Even though we’re all about tidying up icon Marie Kondo, we think: Order is more than a well-sorted wardrobe. So don’t just clear out old clothes and dust catchers, but also eliminate unnecessary ballast. This stage relieves the soul and lets you breathe deeply.

2) Draw Boundaries

Separate living and living areas: no laptop in the bedroom, no desk in the dining room. Each room has its function and should be designed accordingly.

3) Balance

Bring warm and cold into balance. Glossy lacquered furniture, for example, has a tremendous effect. A warm wooden floor compensates for this wonderfully. Colors and textiles also have a friendly and balancing effect. A pleasant side effect: If you have a tiled floor, fabric accessories – for example, chair cushions or carpets under the dining table – swallow the sound. And with pleasant room acoustics, the living climate is also much better.

Feng Shui Decoration Tips and Ideas

Slumber More Quietly

Feng Shui is essential in the bedroom. Because the bedroom is our oasis of calm. And our retreat, where we relax, recharge the batteries, and recharge our batteries: With subtle and harmonious colors, incredibly natural brown, beige and green tones, you are in the right place here.

Work Better

In the workplace, the motto is: focus on the essentials. Therefore, all the bells and knick-knacks are neatly stowed away. To tackle the job at the desk energetically, choose accordingly vital elements for your study. Intense colors, for example, provide drive and energy and promote the activating Yang force.

Relax Greener

Feng Shui is ideal for balcony lovers and hobby gardeners. Green oases can be designed particularly beautifully according to Chinese philosophy. Find a good balance between light and shadow, between round and pointed, between cut and wild plants, or between graceful and large flowers. The positive energies flow particularly well through gently curved paths. Discard anything that has negative energy, such as broken pots or dead plants.

Tips and Tricks for A Harmonious Home

Discreet Helpers

Mirrors play an essential role in Feng Shui. Because by reflecting the light, they create steam for the flow of energy. However, they should not be placed across from doors, especially not across from the front door. Why? The Chinese believe that this is how the tremendous energy is directly transported back outwards.

Now It’s Going Around

Round and organic shapes ensure the proper flow. In addition, round tables, for example, appear much more spacious than their angular comrades. And: you are much closer to the person sitting next to you. Round things are also booming in accessories: a round carpet under the dining table, round tablecloths, or round trays give the Chi extra momentum.

Alignment Sets the Tone

When placing your furniture, could you pay attention to where it is? For example, they should always identify sitting areas with their backs against the wall. The desk is optimally positioned when you are not looking directly out of the window. And ideally, you do not set a bed between the window and the door. If this is not possible, a greyhound brings the chi back on track.

A Lot of Power Thanks to Natural Sources

Plants, light, and water provide an extra dose of energy. Fresh flowers and well-cared-for-house plants enliven bare corners. Tip: Remove dead or dried-up bouquets and leaves. Stuffed food is also an enemy of chi.

You illuminate dark areas with different light sources. Bowls with water, aquariums, indoor fountains, or pictures with lakes and rivers are excellent energy sources.

Fun Fact for The Quiet Place

Please permanently close the toilet lid! You hear that over and over again. Allegedly otherwise, the chi escapes. Money should also dwindle. Feng Shui experts consider this to be a myth. Legend or not: A closed lid is recommended, at least for aesthetic and hygienic reasons.

Live More Beautifully with Feng Shui

Feng Shui does not offer patent solutions but suggestions and possibilities to design an individual feel-good home. Try it out and let the energies flow – maybe you will soon feel how your well-being in your own four walls is changing positively.

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