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Wedding decoration ideas are plentiful for couples who are looking for a touch of elegance in their celebration. But most people are concerned about their budget. You can definitely make your wedding spectacular by adding a few good Indian wedding decoration ideas. However, you will need to have some common sense to know when a wedding is going overboard and needs some budget management. Here are some simple wedding decorating ideas but gorgeous and elegant.

Drape the Ceiling with Flowers: This is an elegant way to bring a touch of romance to your wedding. Take the base of the ceiling and tie small flowers around the base. Choose colorful flowers or use white flowers to accent the decorations. Then use different colored ribbons to tie up the arrangement. Use flowers of various heights to add dimension to the arrangement. Drape these flowers at the base of the ceiling and tie them with ribbons. Make sure that you have enough flowers so that there are enough ribbons to tie them back together.

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Choose Rustic Wedding Decoration Ideas: These Indian wedding decoration ideas are perfect for rustic weddings. To create this theme for your wedding, you will need rustic or traditional-looking wedding table decoration ideas, an Indian wedding canopy, red or maroon-colored flowers, red and yellow-colored ribbons, a pottery bowl, and a handful of candles. With these decorations in place, you will create a beautiful wedding reception decoration ideas atmosphere.

Use Traditional Indian Wedding Favors: Many people will choose to give out traditional cheap wedding decoration ideas favors to guests. For example, a couple may choose to give out Indian wedding favors such as a bottle of red wine, an Indian wedding cup, a wedding saree, or a picture frame with an Indian painting. Another option is to buy unique or handcrafted Indian wedding souvenirs. These are also easy to give out. They are inexpensive and meaningful to give to guests.

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Decorate With Chocolates: This is another wedding shower decoration ideas that are simple yet elegant. In the center of the room, line the ceiling with candles and then spread red or maroon-colored chocolates all over the area. Then tie a red ribbon around one side of the chocolates. You may also use red ribbons to tie up the center of the chocolates and tie them to each candle. Once the chocolate is completely covered, place the center of the room and tie the red ribbon around it.

Bring in Nature: If you want truly authentic wedding arch decoration ideas, you may want to bring nature to your party. For instance, choose to have a ceremony in the garden or forest. Dress the guests in suits. Hang a small temple idol on the door. Have a dance and then let the bride and groom walk down the aisle in their kurta and sari. Wear red and green colors around the room.

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