Flower Power: Pleated Blinds in Floral Designs

When it comes to privacy and sun protection for the windows, you are often spoiled for choice, which is often the case. For example, you can opt for the more traditional variant and put curtains on the windows. Or you go more modern and choose the more elegant solution: Pleated blinds are enjoying increasing popularity because they offer protection from sunlight and unwanted looks and have better-insulating properties than conventional curtains. Simultaneously, they allow sufficient incidence of daylight and are also absolutely easy to care for.

Of course, you don’t have to make any compromises when choosing high-quality pleated blinds. They come in all shapes, colors, and designs. For example, floral patterns are trendy in 2021, found in home decor and fashion. The offer ranges from minimalist and elegant, from romantic to extravagant, and from reserved to explosive. But modern pleated blinds not only offer a wide range of options in terms of style, color, and material. The type of pleated blind can also be selected and manufactured according to taste, even made to measure. Each design has its own possibilities to bring freshness and modernity into your home in a very unobtrusive way.

Made-To-Measure Pleated Blinds

Of course, various factors influence the choice of a pleated blind, including the prevailing home furnishing style, the cut, and the architecture of the rooms in an apartment or house. Whether you opt for a more classic or modern style is ultimately a matter of personal taste. But functionality and durability should also play a role. High-quality pleated blinds should be easy to adjust to control and vary at any time how much light and heat reach the interior.

If even the most well-stocked offers do not offer an appealing solution, pleated blinds can also be custom-made. Such tailor-made pleated blinds are a great solution, especially for non-standardized windows. But they can also simply best meet the desire for the greatest possible individuality in the interior design: whether material, pattern, degree of light transmission, type of fastening – with custom-made pleated blinds, you can easily pick up the style of the room so that they not only match the shape of the window but complete the style of the entire apartment.

For example, if you live on the main street or in a row house, you will inevitably be confronted with the fact that strollers come relatively close to your own window. Pleated blinds, especially those that are individually configured, offer a welcome plus in privacy.

The Advantages of Made-To-Measure Pleated Blinds

  • Thanks to the precise fit, the custom-made pleated blinds are easy to use and do not require any chaotic or tangled straps, ropes, or strings. This is why they are also suitable for children and pets.
  • Pleated blinds look tidy, elegant, and stylish and are – especially in floral designs – a modern, contemporary furnishing element that perfectly fits the current urban jungle living trend.
  • The material transparency, color intensity, and exact fit of an individual made-to-measure pleated blind enable individually adjustable protection of privacy and light inlet.
  • High-quality custom-made products not only meet your own requirements in terms of material, color and pattern, but can also be supplied with running strips made of glass, can be equipped with a fastening for the window frame or the wall – just as it fits.
  • Custom-made pleated blinds allow a uniform living space design, even with unusual window shapes, bay windows, skylights, or extensive window fronts.

Where Do You Get Custom-Made Pleated Blinds?

A specialist is needed if the conventional selection of pleated blinds does not meet personal needs – for example, a uniform pattern in the entire apartment, but on different pleated material to attach the privacy screen in the bathroom and in the bedroom.

In some online stores, such a custom-made blackout curtain can be easily put together individually step by step, thanks to a practical, clear online configurator. For each pleated blind, you can choose from different transparency variants, types of attachment, materials, and trend patterns. This allows you to create an individual and yet uniform furnishing element in just a few simple steps – romantic floral pleated designs for the country house style, colorful flower patterns in large prints for modern and classic furnishings, and gentle, natural, and symmetrical designs to direct energies according to Feng Shui.

With the trendy floral designs and the highly individual design options for made-to-measure pleated blinds, it is straightforward to create a cozy, inspiring ambiance that is bursting with liveliness, growth, and change – this effect of floral designs is a welcome effect, especially in the warmer months of the year.

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