Furnish Individually with Modern Wall Units

The sight of expansive, massive, and dark oak cupboard walls has probably burned itself into the collective memory in a rather unsightly way. But the modern wall units really have nothing in common with that. Airy design, unusual constellations, and chic glass elements or indirect lighting modules? This is the new generation of wall units for the living room, available in different colors and finishes. And while the modern representatives of their kind still score primarily with their functionality, the well-tried living room furniture in its new look also cuts a pretty chic figure. Nowadays, modern wall units can be decorative and individual as creative highlights in living room furnishings.

Modules Ensure Uniqueness

Many modern wall units are modular. This means that wall cabinets and control elements can be combined in various ways and perfectly fit the spatial conditions. Thanks to this possibility of flexible arrangement, today’s wall units are always individual and expressive.

Most consist of a flat sideboard that replaces the former TV furniture. Because now the common TV sets are wall-mounted flat screens. This leaves space on the low TV cabinet to give free rein to your passion for decorating. Individual shelf modules, wall cabinets, and storage cabinets can be draped around the central piece of furniture. The television set appealingly, for example, at a variable height or offset from one another.

Unusual models can also stand freely in the room, which is why you don’t have to do without this traditional piece of furniture in large lofts. Even wall units that can do without feet are no longer uncommon. The individual elements are mounted directly on the wall. This creates a kind of floating appearance that creates lightness and lets the room breathe.

These properties allow a modern wall unit to be expanded or rearranged at any time. This makes this piece of furniture particularly sustainable because it fits into any living room in any constellation and does not have to be replaced every time you move house. This is a big plus point for these uniquely designed wall units in times of increasing environmental awareness.

Which furnishing style does a modern wall unit go with?

Modern wall units are available in all possible variants. All models have one thing in common: their weightless design provides a more pleasant feeling of space than their bulky predecessors made of solid oak. Modern wall units tend to have an open design and bold symbiosis of materials, while traditional models are more characterized by closed fronts and uniform shapes.

Modern rooms and living rooms are ideal surroundings for the latest generation of wall units. Wall furniture with a particularly high gloss lacquer finish with many mirrors and glass elements fit very well into a modern, minimalist ambiance.

But even those who prefer more rustic lines will easily find what they are looking for under the modern wall units in driftwood or oak in antique look. And if you are toying with a grounded to romantic country house style, you can continue it in solid pine wood walls with milled cassette fronts.

Of course, not every wall unit fits into every environment. The choice of color and material, decor and decorations, and the composition of the individual elements are decisive for finding the right wall unit for your preferred furnishing style. The offer is there; the rest is a mix of an eye for detail and personal taste.

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