Furnishing a Winter Garden: Extra Living Space Ideas

A cup of tea in the green when it’s snowing outside. A yoga class with a view of the sky, even though it is pouring rain – a winter garden makes it possible. We will show you uncomplicated furnishing ideas and how you can adapt the winter garden to your needs.

Furnishing a Conservatory: How Can It Best Be Used?

It’s cold and uncomfortable outside but protected and cozy in your conservatory. The large panes almost make you feel like you are in the great outdoors. Depending on your wishes and the requirements of the room, there are very different types of use. Before choosing furniture and decoration, you should clarify these things:

  • Heated or not? In contrast to the heated winter garden, you need robust furniture for your cold winter garden that can withstand temperature fluctuations and does not fade too quickly – for example, made of teak. A light-insensitive decoration is also important.
  • The location: If the winter garden faces south, it heats up quickly in summer. Then roller blinds or awnings help against too much sunlight. If the garden is to the north, it is rather unsuitable as an office or extra living space. On the other hand, the summer temperatures are pleasantly cool – ideal for relaxing in them on hot days.
  • The place: Do you need your sunny winter garden to expand your living space? It is important to insulate it properly beforehand and to ensure adequate ventilation. The heating should be switched on and off quickly, depending on the amount of sunlight.

Creating Space: The Winter Garden as An Extra Living Room

Use your conservatory as extra living space: All you need is a bright sofa that is slightly faded from daylight – for example, in stylish gray – and a living room table. The entertainment program is provided by nature! Storage space for books and magazines is created with half-height low boards.

Your new living area will be cozy with a robust carpet and pillows made of natural fibers. Maybe you fancy a little holiday feeling at home: With the tropical style, you can create an exotic oasis in the house. Furniture made of teak or rattan goes well with this style.

Extra tip: As a stylish mood maker, rely on decoration with fairy lights. The glass panes reflect the light and create a magical atmosphere.

Leisure in The Winter Garden: The Reading Room

Enjoy the peace and quiet, read a book and look at nature – that works wonderfully in your winter garden. A reading chair goes well with this, in which you cuddle up – a comfortable wing chair is well suited. Bookshelves in different shapes and sizes also look beautiful. You shouldn’t set up too many of them so that the bright room continues to work.

You can also decorate a side table on which to put your teacup and pretty little things.

The Winter Garden as A Relaxation Room: Relax in A Green Oasis

Do you want to fill up with light and replenish your energy reserves? Your winter garden is the perfect retreat for this. The following applies the more plants, the better. They look fresh and lively. Larger plants such as the elephant ear or the violin fig are also good for the jungle feeling light. In between, you can place a lounger or a beanbag and attach a hammock to the ceiling.

Working in The Winter Garden: Perfectly Furnished as An Office or Studio

Lots of light and a look outside as inspiration: Working in the winter garden is as stimulating as relaxing. If you want to use it as a hobby studio, you need an easel and a small table for painting utensils. Complete the furnishings with a stool and low cupboards, in which you can store your materials. This is how you can set up your own personal creative corner.

Do you want to design your home office in the winter garden? You don’t need much for your new office to concentrate on your work: natural daylight already makes you more productive! An ergonomic desk chair and desk form the center of your new workplace. Sliding cupboards or desk organizers provide the necessary storage space for your documents. Think about the location of your conservatory: direct sunlight is uncomfortable when you have to concentrate. Roller blinds on the ceiling keep the sun’s rays out, and a fan ensures cool air.

Extension of The Terrace: The Cold Winter Garden

If your winter garden is unheated, it offers many advantages as a kind of covered terrace, especially in summer. Equip it with lounge furniture and organize a barbecue even in bad weather.

As a hobby room for tinkering, handicrafts, or gardening, the cold winter garden is even suitable in autumn or winter. Do you love living with plants? Hobby gardeners place many plants in the winter garden, which overwinter there or get their permanent home. You’ll also need shelves to store pots and accessories. You can enjoy your morning coffee or tea in the afternoon sun at a small table with two chairs.

If you are passionate about sports, a fitness room is a perfect solution. Equip this with a fitness bike, other home trainers, or your yoga mat. In this way, you are practically active every season of the year, almost like being outdoors. If the winter garden is visible from the outside, a privacy screen makes sense.

Furnishing a Conservatory: Versatile Additional Space

Flooded with light, wide and cozy: however you set up and use your winter garden, you will definitely find peace and inspiration there. Do you want to bring a piece of nature into other rooms? Let yourself be inspired by our living ideas in green.

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