Furnishing with Cord: A Variety of Fabrics for Cozy Living

The new trend this winter takes you on a journey back in time to the seventies: Cord not only styles your flared trousers, but it also looks chic on pillows or even as a whole sofa. We’ll show you how the ribbed fabric enhances your home – regardless of whether your style is more romantic or clean.

It will be cozy with the living trends for 2021. The perfect companion for a cozy start to the new year: Cord. The ribbed retro fabric makes your home warm and cozy, especially in the cold season. Since it is also straightforward to care for, it becomes the ideal roommate when living with children or if you have pets.

Not all cords are the same: The velvet fabric with its distinctive grooves is available in four variants, from delicate fine/baby cord to coarse wide cord or cable cord. The most common variant is the genoa cord with 25 to 40 strips per ten centimeters of fabric.

Cord: Cozy Accessories and Furniture Statements

The cord is unmistakable – and it is very variable and changeable. So he will find a home in practically every apartment. The fabric is an ideal basis if you want to decorate with pillows. Relax and put your feet up on a corduroy stool. In the children’s room, a beanbag with a cord cover invites you to cuddle up.

The brave can opt for entire sofas in corduroy, armchairs, or even beds. Perhaps a chaise longue in velvet with fine grooves would be something for you? Use a few concise elements to avoid a cord overdose. Combine your corduroy sofa with light-colored cushions in a subtle pattern or a soft knitted blanket.

The Right Cord Color for Every Furnishing Style

All doors are also open to you when it comes to color and shape. The mix of materials is decisive.

If you have furnished your apartment in a warm style such as Modern Scandi or Modern Country, choose cord cushions in light colors such as white, gray, or pastel. Cool styles can also handle dark tones. With muted green and gray, you create harmonious Cozy Corduroy. You can also place artificial fur, glass decorations, and industrial elements.

If you are furnishing tone-on-tone according to the monochrome color scheme, corduroy is also a good choice. The special texture gives textiles and upholstered furniture a unique depth. A sofa made of cream-colored or gray corduroy appears exciting even in front of a light wall.

Enhance Functional Styles with Cord

Despite its fluffy feel, the cord is wonderfully suitable for edgy and clean furnishing styles. Fine cord, in particular, is simple, elegant, and timeless. Used discreetly, it brings warmth to the Cozy Industrial style. Earthy nuances and warm tones such as mustard yellow, orange, or dark red offer the optimal color scheme. Seating furniture with a blue or green cover fits harmoniously into the industrial atmosphere. Pink-colored textile elements give your apartment in industrial style a feminine touch.

The straight texture of the cord fabric also works well with the clear structures of modern urban design. Cool materials like leather and building materials like stone and metal bring it to its best advantage.

Corduroy Makes the Retro Trend Perfect

Do you want the authentic retro look? Here the right choice of color determines a certain flair. You can achieve the classic seventies style when furnishing with spicy tones. Combined with wood and rattan, cord conjures up a boho style in your four walls. Strong, cool colors or powder pink, on the other hand, create an Art Deco nostalgia. Muted colors like dark green go well in the Bauhaus living room. A sofa or armchair with a filigree shape in royal dark blue is timeless.

Furnish with Cord and Perfect the Retro Style

The cord is timeless. The velvety fabric gives straight styles that cozy something and perfects nostalgia fantasies. Your retro living room will be particularly stylish if you set up real vintage pieces. Sustainability is a trend! But watch out: Always combine your cord decoration with modern elements. So your style always looks contemporary and chic.

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