Furniture Ideas – Living Trends for 2021

Cozy sofa corners, vintage vibes, a touch of loft coolness, and lots of nature! Discover the living trends for 2021 and get inspiration for your new favorite colors.

Cozy! 2021 Will Be Cozy

Comfort is a top priority in 2021. That means soft, structured fabrics and warm colors. You can decorate your sofa, bed, benches, and armchairs with pillows, with thick blankets made of cotton, teddy bear, or bouclé. Seat cushions are now also made from cozy fabrics. The mix of materials ensures that extra portion of comfort. Make a statement with a velvet sofa. In 2021, they will mainly be available in muted colors such as gray or beige.

The cord is also back as a trend material – the soft woven fabric with longitudinal grooves is currently celebrating its comeback! You can add stylish 70s vibes to seating in the dining room or living room. Here it can also be a bright red, orange, or green.

The cozy interior trend also convinces softer colors, such as cinnamon terracotta, soft brown sugar beige, or warm purple. Combine this with wooden furniture in shades of brown that exude country-house coziness or hyggelige serenity. A few candles on sideboards and side tables, and the cozy look is perfect.

Slow Living – Sustainable Living

Furnish Minimalist

The trend towards sustainability has finally established itself in the living area. That is why minimalism will continue to be popular in 2021. True to the motto “less is more,” the style relies on selected, high-quality furniture, lots of free space, and restrained colors. For each room, consider: What furniture do I really need? Combine timeless designs with just a few accessories and gray, white, pastel, or cream tones. A purchase can sometimes be more expensive if you enjoy it for many years. This is not only resource-saving. You to benefit from the clear structures and the lightness that your apartment exudes. If you have the courage to go for white walls and leave enough space for the individual living areas to be effective. With potted plants, you bring freshness and vitality to the clean look.

Combine Old and New

Also, in the spirit of “sustainably furnishing,”: Vintage is back. The interplay of old and new gives your apartment an extraordinary charm. You are also making a statement against the fast-paced consumer frenzy. An old dining table with knotholes really comes into its own alongside modern showcases and chairs. The worn leather of your vintage sofa makes the living room furniture unique and tells a very personal story. You can dig out your grandparents’ beautiful dome glass lamps from the basement or attic. The light shimmers yellowish, greenish, or slightly pink through the colored glass. The groove or diamond pattern breaks it into soft rays that gently illuminate the room. The lamps will also be available to buy new in 2021; they hang as pendant lights above the dining table, living room, or bedroom.

Longing for The Outside: Bring Nature Into the House

In connection with the sustainability trend, nature will move in with us in 2021. The longing for the unadulterated is reflected in furnishing with natural materials – they are trendy this year. The focus is on natural and renewable raw materials: cotton, linen, leather, stone, cork, and wood furnishings. Here you land a direct hit with blond wood. It is mainly used in the Scandi style or in minimalism. Oak, birch, maple, and ash radiate freshness and lightness.

Even lampshades are now made of natural materials: Filigree braids made of wicker or thin wood refract the light in an atmospheric way. Furnishing with rattan is also part of the living trend. Chairs and armchairs made of rattan or in Viennese wickerwork go perfectly with the light, natural look. Soft colors such as cream, beige or gray are unobtrusive and leave enough space for natural materials to work. Wallpapers with a forest motif or wood structure are more unusual. Decorate cabinets, tables, and wall shelves with hanging plants or create a walled garden for the finishing touch.

Der Evergreen: Industrial Style

In 2021, a breath of factory atmosphere will blow through the apartments. Because the industrial style is and will remain a furnishing trend. Lots of stone, concrete, rustic wood, metal shelves, and furniture in a clean design are the hallmarks of the look. As a complete furnishing concept and used in fine nuances, the stylish home accessories unfold their charm. A metal side table or a wire lampshade creates an exciting, cool contrast to warm colors and cozy materials. The absolute eye-catcher is walled with structure, for example, in the brick look.

The cozy living trend will also shape the industrial style in 2021: Upholstered furniture with fabric and cord cover is more cuddly than leather. When it comes to colors, choose cozy mustard yellow, orange or dark red. Furs or oriental carpets adorn the floor. Linen curtains complete the cozy industrial style.

Now It’s Getting Colorful in The Bathroom

Whether small accents or large-scale remodeling: This year, bright colors are trendy in the bathroom. With the right accessories, this can be done in no time: towels, shower curtains, soap dispensers, and the like can be quickly exchanged for a colorful counterpart and become incomparable eye-catchers. Those who long for even more color can try their hand at the blue base cabinet, green toilet seat, or yellow bathroom shelves, for example. There are no limits to your imagination and new color concepts. You can also create a colorful bathroom with major changes, such as a new wall color or an eye-catching wall mosaic for the shower. Put this trend into a good mood in your home!

Trend Colors and Color Combinations for 2021

The Pantone trend colors for 2021 are here! The color yellow symbolizes joie de vivre, with furnishings in gray exuding stability and serenity. Together, the two tones harmonize perfectly and give your apartment a modern yet light, warm look.

The color blue, Pantone trend color for 2020, will give the coolness and style of your room even a year later. Sage green and deep blue-green are also trendy. These colors go perfectly with the industrial look and natural materials. Even if you let green meet rosé, you have your finger on the pulse of the times – a noble color combination that combines feminine romance with relaxed naturalness. Or you can follow the trend combination 2021: light wood and dark blue. The look plays with contrasts and gives room structure. Alternatively, dark green, rust red, or magenta go well with maple and birch. The second trend combination is beige and black. Here the dark accents make the natural tones look elegant.

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